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Saved by Angels by Bruce Van Natta – Book Review


An Inspiring Testimony of a Near Death Experience

In the book “Saved by Angels” Bruce Van Natta boldly shares a testimony of how Angels saved his life while pinned under the front axle of a huge logging truck. This is Bruce’s story of how he responded to God’s call on his life to share the many ways God talks to “everyday people” today.

Bruce draws on scriptures and testimonies of Christians to show how God may use guardian angels, dreams and visions to bring His message to the believer. He also uses the inner whisper of the Holy Spirit, the Bible and other written words, circumstances, answered prayer, or His spoken Word through pastors, church leaders or others to reveal His plan for the individual believer.

Bruce’s uses his own experience and the stories of fellow Christians to show how God uses answers prayers today to increase our faith, to help us grow as Christians or to meet our physical needs. These stories include stories of Bruce’s childhood prayers and prayers as a teenager. I enjoyed his account of how prayer resulted in finding his life-mate.

Bruce is a mechanic by trade. He writes in a unique style that is open and sincere. His writing reflects a depth in study and understanding of the Scriptures. Bruce makes himself vulnerable through his candidness. This honesty has been used by God in an effective ministry of witnessing and sharing his faith with others.

Bruce shares examples of how God has used him to help others by sharing a word. He also speaks about how God has often spoken to him though the words of others and reminds the reader how we should be listening for God’s Word to us through what might sometimes be considered “coincidences.”

“Your Turn” exercises at the end of each chapter offer a chance for the reader to respond by noting personal incidents in their own life that relate to the material discussed in the chapter.

In an amazing way Bruce has been anointed by the Holy Spirit to write his story. Each contains powerful illustrations and experiences which invite the reader to listen for the voice of God and to respond in obedience to his Word.

“Saved by Angels” illustrates how God uses “everyday people” to further His purposes.

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As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

By Richard R Blake

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