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Chris Stuckmann and Matthew Brando review Saw, starring Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, Shawnee Smith, Monica Potter. Directed by James Wan.

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  1. My Top 5 Favorite Post Millennium Horror Movies
    1. Trick R' Treat
    2. A Quiet Place
    3. The Witch
    4. Saw
    5. Child's Play Remake

    Honorable Mentions
    The Collector
    The Collection

  2. Never been a big fan of the Saw franchise and even the first film is not as great as some people would suggest (at least in my opinion).

    I would by no means classify this as a modern horror classic; it's nowhere near the level of the Witch, Hereditary, Babadook… the list goes on. Those films had exceptional performances, eerie scores, stunning cinematography and a very enthralling plot.

    With Saw the performances are not bad, the camera work is good, I don't recall the scores (pretty sure they were just basic) and the plot… I just didnt buy into it.

    Look, I guess I can sort of get his motivations for becoming the Jigsaw killer (as stupid and convoluted as they may be), but my god this guy is unstoppable. Watch out folks, cause civil engineers can and will stalk you to find some slight character flaw, abduct you, somehow smuggle you unnoticed into a very intricately designed death trap and evade an entire police department all at once! I feel like the screenwriters just Googled "smart professions", Civil engineer came up and upon reading the description they just assumed that could easily translate into torture. Hey, engineers are smart and planning/building a bridge is pretty much the same as stalking and abducting a fat guy and creating a barb wire death trap…. but with a police force as inept as the ones in Saw, maybe it is a little more believable. I just imagine John Kramer unloading a truck full of torture devices at some abandoned location in the city and cops just driving by like "ah nothing to see here."

    I have always considered this franchise a guilty pleasure. First one is a pretty solid entry and I can understand why someone would like it, but again it's just solid. The rest of the films that follow really start to degrade, and the holes/logical lapses become more glaring. I like the comparisons you guys made with regards to less is more, the first film was much more effective with its visuals. Worth a viewing at least.


  3. Cary Elwes acting? That's should be the biggest issue in this movie. It was so poor from start to finish.

  4. I don't know if you saw "I saw the devil" but that was a good gory torture flick. You should check that out too

  5. The druggie maybe. Yes there are some shit people that are addicts, but a lot of people work, don't steal, to support their habits and they're stuck in an endless mind fuck. I'm just saying they're not necessarily bad people, although their choices can be pretty bad. And is really like no one decides to become a drug addict, just one slippery step at a time.

  6. I watched the very first Saw on the first Friday it was in theaters with a bunch of friends in college. The twist blew me away. Didn't see it coming at all.

  7. Saw Saw in the theatre, thought it was terrible. It tried too hard to be like Se7en but with torture porn. And it is torture porn, it's just drawn out. Whatever psychological elements exist are just window dressing. Never bothered with the rest. Not a torture porn fan.

    Paranormal Activity was terrible, too. 90 minutes of an insufferable couple and literally nothing happens the entire flick. It wasn't scary, it was just boring.

  8. Surprisingly enough, depending on location if there's a lot of steel in a warehouse, a lot of heavy machinery it can get really cold…and the humidity can generate a fog of mist, cold sinks. It's not like clouds but still….I've worked in blacksmith shops and in knifemaking. I've seen it.

    THAT'S why everything gets greased and oiled down.

    Looked at the guy who was training me and said…Gary…WTF??

  9. One of the few horror franchises that has a timeline that actually matters.  But I loved that some of the later movies go back and explain some of the things you weren't specifically aware of in previous films.  There were quite a few "oohhhhhhhh..THATS why that happened!"..

  10. Saw is a cool concept but people remember it through nostalgia glasses because it had a cool twist. When you actually rewatch it, you begin to see all the flaws. Can we all just agree the acting SUCKS.

  11. Hey are you going to make a review for the trailer spiral: from the book of saw it came out 3 days ago

  12. Chris Stuckman wants to be liked. Unfortunately, his severe bad breath and body odor drive potential friends away.

  13. Jigsaw makes no sense. How did he know the guy didnt fix the guys brakes leading to the guys death, and he was able to know all that detail about the woman getting her baby killed and blaming her husband just from over hearing their conversation about something that wasnt mentioned?

  14. First torture porn I watched was mothers day (1980something) I was 8 or 9. Thought it was just a horror movie. From what I remember they showed someone being smothered by having a tube sock shoved down his throat and someone being fed draino…. ever since that, most violent movies like saw 2-50 just dont phase me.

  15. I was a little confused when they were ranking the Saw movies because I'm conditioned to think that '3D' is always the third movie.

  16. I’ll never understand the whole torture porn craze showing gore. Like you said its 100x better when they imply it clearly but don’t need to actually show it…think se7en

  17. Those actors in saw were so terrible though. I remember seeing it in the theater and thinking that. The rest of it was sweet

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