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Scion iQ review | Consumer Reports


Toyota’s minicar is best suited for urban drivers who need to park or maneuver in very tight spots. At only 10 feet long, the new iQ is slightly bigger than the tiny Smart ForTwo.

Find out more about the iQ and other small cars on our website: http://bit.ly/kSwuc8

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  1. i am defiantly getting one its very nice stylish and has lots of add ons to make it even cooler its actualy affordable and i am one person what do i need space for

  2. The iQ came out about the same time I was looking to buy a new car. I wanted something cheap and thrifty. I considered a lot of models, including the iQ, but it never made it to my "worth a test drive" list. Three main reasons why. Quite expensive considering the larger and cheaper alternatives. Very impractical due to the nearly non-existent trunk space. Lastly, the fuel economy is no better than larger subcompacts. I ended up choosing the '12 Versa sedan. Tons of space, low price, great MPGs.

  3. Same price and MPG as a Dart.. And nobody will laugh at you! And a Dart is built by our American neighbors who buy the stuff your company makes…

  4. Rather sad that this boy they're using as an auto engineer at CR didn't learn from his better predecessors.  Plus, they weren't such ninnies and didn't waste such time whining about electronic toys. 

  5. See everyone says darty, and uneasy. Its a highly nimble car when you get used to the feel. I haven't gotten to the point of understeer yet, it is frightening how well it sticks in corners. But mine isn't the base model, I have TRD suspension. It also has plenty power, I'm usually blasting by people on the highway…wish I could see how funny it looks haha. From a absolute dead stop the power is horrible, its almost like its purposely holding back power.

  6. Love this car but base price should be under $15000. Like around $13500. The car has nothing that shows its worth more than 15 grand. Its Toyota/scion mentality, "our cars are great and reliable so you consumers will pay whatever we ask." But they forget that there are so many other car companies offering more bang for the bucks.

  7. Wow what a miserable man and such a negative review! Ok, the rear head restraints can be removed for better rear visability. The rear passenger has amble legroom because the front passenger seat can be pushed forward of the driver. The fuel range is fine. The CVT is very smooth. The car is darty because of the way you drive it – it's designed for the city. I can reach the steering wheel fine as an average sized male. And I've never found a problem with the pedals – though my IQ is right hand drive UK spec. I don't have that radio, and the nodule on my steering wheel controls everything.

  8. These micro-cars are, quite frankly, idiot-mobiles.  A new Mazda 3 base model is a few thousand more, but it's a real car you could enjoy and live with.  This thing, and the Smart?  If you had to drive to pick up some beer, ok, but even then you'd be completely ready to get out of and never drive it again.

  9. should test drive it to find out if it suit yourself, can't just view the review reports. Consider it is a micro car.

  10. I don't think this is an accurate review, more like an opinion. I own one and once it pick up speed on freeway it is very fast and easy to change lanes. The noise level is not bad compare to other new cars. Suspension is okay not the greatest. Don't judge it just because it doesn't look like the other cars people drive. Go drive it yourself and see.

  11. I think this car is OK for running errands around town & not serious fast hiway driving so I tend to agree with many reviewers below who aren't trashing the car.

  12. These look like a much better bargain on the used card market. You can pick up one of these with about 30K miles for around 9 grand = that's nearly half off the sticker price! I'm actually looking at one now that has 12K miles and they are asking $10,500.

  13. I don't understand why people speak about a car when they are extremely uninformed. I have owned one of these for over two years and I love it.

  14. There is a good reason Toyota axed this car and sells Mazda2's branded as Yaris iA's for its sub-compact now.

  15. I'd just fold the seats down and leave them there….because why not? If it blocks your view out the back and you've not managed to coax 3-4 people in anyhow…it's not doing you any favors

  16. What a disastrously incompetent review! I don't know why I go anywhere near Consumer Reports. They gave car of the year to the worst car I ever owned, and they totally trashed the best car I ever owned. I now treat them as a counter-indicator. If Consumer Reports hates it, I'll buy it. If they love it, I won't go anywhere near it. So it looks like the IQ is just what I'm looking for in a lightweight commuter.

  17. i want to test drive one of these on the crappy jarring broken pavement of my small town.

  18. I just got my used 2012 IQ and I agree with those that say this is NOT A REVIEW.    I find most so-called “reviews” like this fail to mention that this is a Front Wheel Drive car. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DRIVE A FWD AND RWD THE SAME WAY. You do each a disservice compairing them to the other. My other vehical is a 4X4 RAM. YES it took me about a day to adjust to the difference but that period of ajustment IS NOT A DESIGN FLAW.

    There are way too many people posing a experts doing bogus reviews like this.

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