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Scuf Impact: Xbox Controller for PS4! (Review & Unboxing)


Scuf Impact: https://scufgaming.com/s/scuf-impact
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This video is sponsored by Scuf Gaming. They have sponsored me for over five years now and I’ve used their controllers for pretty much every video you see on my channel. The review of the Scuf Impact is more of a features overview than anything else. I really do like this controller and it doesn’t many real downsides other than being a bit pricey. I hope you all enjoy this straightforward review and unboxing. Also, no doges this time.

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  1. When customising my controller if i add the adjustable triggers I can't choose the scuf grip on the back but yours is

  2. All of these comments about scufs not working or not functioning well are bullshit and you are all bullshit. I've owned 3 scufs and they work perfectly fine. Your either lying through your teeth cause of jealousy or did something absolutely dumb without realising. People wouldn't ship out 200+$ controllers knowing they malfunction.

  3. Driftor, I recently purchased a SCUF because you are affiliated with the product, and I trusted you. Aside from COD content, I've watched your videos on mental challenges and philosophical commentaries. They led me to believe that you were an unusually honest person who was actually concerned with ethics and morality. That belief, coupled with the fact that your COD content makes you seem professional and knowledgeable, made me think that if you endorsed a product, I could trust it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Now I don't know if perhaps you are missing some information because I typically don't read the comments (comments, as I'm sure you know, can be really disgusting and vile), but I paid $200 for a SCUF controller and it didn't work from the start. I had to send it back and although they did fix it, within a month the paddles on the back had broken. When I called in, they told me their warranty was only 90 days and replacing them would cost about $15. Most electronics nowadays offer a one year limited warranty, so already the 90 days was a red flag. Reluctantly, I purchased the paddles and within another month, the button behind the paddle stopped working. Again, I called SCUF and they said it would cost at least $60 to fix it. I am not going to do it. I lost over $200, which is a lot of money for a controller, and they wanted me to spend close to $300 just so this item could actually work (and I'm sure it was going to be an ongoing drain of money). Again, I'm not going to presume that you know SCUF has reliability problems and could potentially be a scam/ripoff, but if you do, and you are who you portray yourself as on the internet, I do not know how you, in good conscience, could continue to publicly support this product. $200+ is a lot of money for me, and most people, so I felt I had to tell you.

  4. SCUF controllers don't last, folks They're Scums.

    Battle Beaver Custom & AiMControllers are your best options!

  5. bought a scuf 5 months ago – back-paddle stopped working a few days ago, gamepad itself disconnects from time to time from the ps4…never again… ?

  6. cant compare it to the elite controller. it looks so inconvenient. those trigger stops ughh

  7. i did enjoy this video. unfortunately that impact controller is not for me. the dpad on ps4 controllers is horrible for fighting games. i bought a 360 hybrid but i thought the wireless version switched to data when you plug in the USB (it doesn't) so im still screwed. i need that wired hybrid you showed us

  8. an Xbox like controller for the ps4. I've been playing Xbox all my life so this is a must buy for me

  9. Nothing like customer service sucking yes their customer service sucks but love their controllers

  10. Do you prefer it over the Infinity because it's better, or because it feels more like the Xbox controller? Thanks in advance.

  11. I'll be playing only one game, so I have question Drift…Do we need that EMR thingy? Is there a by default mapping of the paddles?

  12. terrible quality assurance, I have had a scuf for each console and had problems with each and everyone. Really wanted to like this company. Don't waste your money fellas. I have been liking my nacon pro soo far though.

  13. I know this might be a stupid question but what does rumble out mean when I'm customiseing the scuff controller?

  14. Too bad scuf wont make a PS4 controller for Xbox One… Oh wait that would be a downgrade

  15. I asked them years ago if they were ever going to make a PS4 controller with 4 paddles and they said flat out "no" because there wasn't enough room on the back of the controller. And I thought to myself, why can't they just make a PS4 controller that's shaped more like the Xbox one and give us 4 paddles? Looks like they finally got around to doing it. A few years too late I'd say. I haven't played COD since early in BO3 life cycle. I was looking through some videos today and saw a BO3 video and some of the new WW2 game coming and I thought to myself, it's been about 6 months since I played. Then I realized that it's been way over a year because I had forgotten about Infinite Warfare. Did anyone even play that game? I was looking for some In Depth videos for it when I saw this one and I'm thinking Drift0r didn't even bother playing it.

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