Home Game Review SEASONS 19 On CONSOLE (OVERVIEW) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 (Review).

SEASONS 19 On CONSOLE (OVERVIEW) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 (Review).


SEASONS 19 On Console (OVERVIEW) Farming Simulator 19 PS4 (review). 17th December 2019. Modhub. Realismus Modding. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. This overview of the Seasons mod for console is by no means a complete and comprehensive guide. It is to show the huge variety of things that the mod changes and begins to explore its depth and complexity.

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  1. Confusing question about the rotation! How does the next crop affect the yeild of the current crops if you’ve already harvested it! For example on the planner if you plant and harvest wheat, how can the next crop you plant move the yeild to 1.20 if it’s already been harvested?? Hope this makes sense

  2. Anyone else notice at 2:57 the geo snowy lands images have Forza Horizon 4 logos on the screens? Looks like some early concept art. On a side not – Funny that a racing game has more AI traffic in tractors than a Farming game.

  3. Can anyone help… I can no longer sell animals from any of my pastures or buildings or load them on vehicles. The "open animal dialogue" has vanished. On vanilla animal pastures/buildings as well as mods. Playing on felsbrunn. It has started coincidentally since seasons arrived but i don't have it installed on the felsbrunn map I'm playing.

  4. ok so I know alot of map makers have been updating some maps for seasons…….. curious if you can run this with a map that hasn't been updated like say Washoe???

  5. My saved game is broken as it keeps saying the ground is too frozen to start seeding even tho I’m in the summer

  6. I did try it on marewell and oakfield the trees are bugged out I fort he would have added seasons surport

  7. Great vid, and so glad this is finally released. I loved it in 17, and am loving the enhanced features into 19 even more…except the lack of weeds. Yes, they appear in patches, which is true to life, but they're pretty much roleplay only now, as so few spawn, and the impact to yield is so negligible, it's not worth the effort or cost to spray anymore. Other than that, fantastic!

  8. Can't wait to see MY MERCURY FARMS WITH SNOW . Love the info , just need alien jim to update an make the map bigger

  9. Am I doing something wrong?? I’m on seasons on Sussex farms and it’s mid summer and the weather is still minus 9 and lots of snow on the ground!! Also in the calendar screen on seasons there is no planting or harvest season guides at all! Just the yellow bar for poplar.

  10. best informative video i have seen to date ,helped me out no end into why i was getting no milk production ,i run on xbox one but very similar platform . looking forward to the next installment ,keep up the great work

  11. What happens when you have multiple geo's on from the same country, I got Lone Oak which is US but it's specifically said where in the US

  12. But you still think PC players should have waited on console regarding seasons release right MrSealyp? And you said you "really did not care" alienating pc players watching your channel when you made that comment a few months ago. It obviously did not matter to you that pc players were testing seasons before it could even be released to console and that we helped getting it out to you. How very professional of you MrSealyp. You should be very thankful to pc players as you would have nothing without us.

  13. so on the crop rotation each crop is planted and harvested for a year then you change to the next crop?

  14. Having as slight problem with seasons I plowed the snow on my farm then after some time I decided to turn seasons off now the snow that I plowed won’t go away at all it’s stuck in place even after seasons is turnt off

  15. I'm playing on xbox one I downloaded seasons but when I fast forward till winter it wont snow on any of the maps that I've tried

  16. @15:40 I keep nodding along.. this is amazing.. but I gotta say, with all this detail, can we take the teats off the male renderings of the cows? nitpick, I know..

  17. Im Coming back to this vid and i was wondering do the vehicles stall like they did in fs17, im driving around sussex with really bad condition and the engine hasn’t cut out

  18. Well I wish I had watched this video earlier. I had been farming Sussex map and decided to run seasons. I didn’t realize how to bring up seasons menu. Couldn’t figure out where animal menu went and thought I had to get rid of all my animals for seasons to start with new animals. Sold them and bought new ones…still no animal menu until I realized I had to bring it up separately from main menu..keep making the great vids for those like me that are…I think the British term is …a little daft…

  19. I have a seasons mod downloaded on my game but when I go into a new save game the seasons never works? Does anyone know how to fix this

  20. Awesome overview of the Seasons Mod!

    I've got a good amount of hours already into this game on PC and have a good understanding of how things work in the basic version. I have been considering getting the Seasons Mod to try my hand at a more realistic scenario. One question I have been trying to find out is how well do existing save games react to having the Seasons Mod installed and removed? Like if I have an existing save game, decide I want to try seasons on the map, end up wanting to go back to vanilla and install seasons on the same save. Would that run the risk of a game corruption?

  21. Funny thing is that winter is the best season by far for making money using snow plowing contracts. Some areas can be very tricky to clear as thend to be cars,containers and so inside the area u need to clear but it is still doable. Ofc it all depends on how mutch it snows but they are VERY profitable. Note u need a mod for the snowplowing equipment.

  22. My game must be fucked because no matter what seasons mod I down load on any map new or old it dosnt work

  23. Been away for 7-8 months from FS19 and seeing the snow on Snow-runner made me want to come back and try seasons for the first time. Do you have any series with Seasons enabled or does it not work too well for these types of video series ?

  24. MrSealyp
    I'm trying to do snowy lands. I have it downloaded and selected. But there's no snow.
    I've tried starting a new save on stock maps and modded maps and still NO SNOW!
    Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

  25. Whoever did the snowy mods actually did a good job, just some sections of road are really bricks like Minecraft and that’s the only thing that bothers me. But he even went to detail it where snow doesn’t appear under your vehicles/equipment which is 👌🏼 like dude should be paid honestly lol

  26. I enjoy your videos and enjoy your rp games i have started to rp my game more because of your channel. I downloaded seasons watching you have so much fun in this farm I got it to lol. Thank you and tell aj to keep up the awesome maps

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