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Secret SEO Tip 1 – Google Maps Local Business Center for PAG


It won’t cost you a red cent to fully take advantage of Google Maps Local Business Center, but you may go from being invisible on the internet to being on page one under your key words or phrases in 24 hours or less. That isn’t my guarantee, that is Google’s Guarantee. If you don’t believe it, go to Google and search SEO consultant Culver CIty. I can help you with the parts of this process that you don’t want to do yourself. Just call 310-920-9649 or e-mail RandyKirk77@Gmail.com. For general information go to my blog at http://www.SEO4LocalBusiness.blogspot.com. Please check out my latest book, published by Warner Business Books: Running A 21st Century Small Business. See details and reviews at Amazon.com

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  1. I can't imagine any guru's getting mad at you. You are not giving away anything. You "don't have time" to give people the "tricks of the trade". Decent video. Unfortunately…content is of little use…

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