Home Hotel Review Secret Suites at Vdara Las Vegas – 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite | Panorama Strip View

Secret Suites at Vdara Las Vegas – 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite | Panorama Strip View


Secret Suites at Vdara Hotel
2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158, United States
Tel: +1 702-888-0108

Room Amenities:
¥ 2 bedrooms with King beds
¥ 2.5 bathrooms
¥ 5 Flat Screen TVs
¥ Couch with pull out bed
¥ Full kitchen
¥ Panorama views
¥ Dining room table for 6
¥ Wine cellar

Business inquiries: vegasparadise10@gmail.com

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  1. This is TOPS! Gotta sneak in here next time, thank you for the tour man! TVP is the MVP that makes us all VIPs lol

  2. very decent looking place, do you know by chance if time shares such as Westgate or Diamond offer access to this room.

    Thank you for your videos, you do a nice job showing the rooms and describing things.

  3. Wow! Amazing room, the initial shock of a $500/day price is offset really quick by having 4 beds available. Views are some of the best in Vegas! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good video 👍 I'll be staying at the vdara fountain view suite in April can't wait to get there.

  5. Hey I appreciate you doing all these room reviews…, but I have a question.. some are starting to stay the $20 trick isn’t happening anymore. Is it still worth the try? Or you haven’t tried?

  6. Absolutely stunning suite $490 is a bit much for my blood and peek season might be worse 🤣🤣🤣. Great review as always thanks for sharing bro!

  7. Gorgeous suite. 490.00 a night meanwhile im trying to scrape up 500 so i can spend a couple of days down there in April. It must be nice though. If i ever hit the lottery it's on.

  8. This room is all the way life…will definitely book this when the family goes next time. It's perfect fira weekly visit. Thanks for sharing!!! Keep up the great job with these room tours so helpful

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