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Self Publishing – How can I get my book on Amazon?


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Hi, this is Lisa Michelle Umina from Halo Publishing. In this video, I’ll answer a very popular question:

How do I get my book on Amazon.com?

Today I want to just walk you through and show you can get your book on Amazon.com.
One of the first ways in doing that is to go through your publisher. They have access to listing your title, making sure that all the requirements needed for the title of the book, about the book, any reviews that have been given towards your book, the ISBN number and all those details they’ll list for you on Amazon.com.

The other important piece into having your title on Amazon is if you have a distributor, and again, a publisher can make your book available through Ingram distribution. What Ingram distribution does is when someone orders a book on Amazon.com, Ingram will print the book, ship the book within 12 hours, get it to Amazon.com and Amazon will get it to the customer. By doing that, the publisher will receive reports from Ingram every month and also if the title is listed directly through the publisher. They’ll have the report directly from Amazon and they should give you a report each month of how many book have been sold through Amazon.com

Another way of getting your title on Amazon.com is they allow you as an individual author to list your title so you go in and insert the cover of the book, upload the cover, you will provide all the book information needed so that someone can find your book easily and then you can also start, which I highly recommend, an author page.

This will give you another page on Amazon where people can read about you, the photo of you, and it also links all the books whether it’s an eBook, paperback, hard cover, whatever which way your book is available; it’ll have all your books listed underneath your author page, so I definitely recommend that you do that. It also allows people to find your book easier.

Another really big recommendation that I give to my authors is go ahead and post reviews of other books and how would you sign the review? Use your name, author of ____. This way, when people are looking at that book that you just gave a review, they’re also seeing that you gave that really good review and it was hopeful for them to read your review, to buy that book and it also created awareness for you and your book and you can get all the additional sales that way. Your book reviews are also found when people are doing a Google or Yahoo search. It’s a really nice marketing piece that you could put together for yourself. The more that your names out there, people can find you and your book easier.

Why should you put your book on the world’s largest virtual bookstore? Because people go to that ecommerce because they trust it, they can easily find any book that they’re looking for and, which is really important, I would establish a page for your book and also an author page where you could put your bio, your author photo and it also links you to the other books that you have. The other part is post reviews.

Get your name out there. Give that review to another book so that people can trust your reviews, they trust you, they go to you and they’ll buy your book as well. Thank you for joining me and I’ll have more helpful tips into publishing and marketing your book. Stay tuned.
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  1. Thanks so much for the video, and information you shared!  

    Do we need a pay seller account on amazon to sell our book?  

    And, if Ingramspark distribution channels are enabled, can we list it personally as well?

    Thanks so much – hope all is well!

  2. Hi Lisa…
    Any tips on dealing with Amazon Advantage? I have gotten to the point to receiving a proof, but I'm getting stuck at two points.
    1. Advantage rejects my image when I try and upload. I've changed the name to the file type requested, with isbn number etc, but no go.
    2. I have the epub version done as well, and when I try to upload to KDP, I get the spinning wheel of death for about an hour, and then a 'fail' notice. I know I have a good file, i've converted from InDesign and used it on the Amazon Kindle previewer, as well as the app on my iPad. Everything works great, it just won't upload. Pdf's will though.
    Any thoughts?

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