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Sell Books On Amazon By The Truckload


http://danielhallpresents.com/getcode – For more free training. Here Penny Sansevieri chats about how to crush it on Amazon with your book.

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  1. This is one of the best videos I have heard on how to set your book up on Amazon.com. Daniel Hall and Penny completely knocked it out of the park. This video is filled with gold. Thank you Dan

  2. Agree with Bruce – this is awesome, Daniel — can you also post the links here?

  3. Hi Daniel, Great video; however, when you went to the amazon site, your screen did not show up on youtube. Still not sure how to check keywords on amazon.

  4. This was terfific but went so fast i couldn't kepup with it all. iwll there be a recording please?

  5. Yes, it was recorded Judith! It's unfortunately less than 200 people have viewed this presentation. As I like to say "Often times we need to be reminded, as much as educated" and this was a good reminder of the basic stuff.

  6. Did she say that joining the KDP program for your new release still a good idea?

  7. Yes, I'm confused about "the back end ' of Amazon. Does it mean the back  of your books(s)?  A note on your author page?Is there a special place for it?

  8. The category placement issue is one that befuddles me at times. You say to email Amazon and ask them to put your book in the correct category? What/where do you find that email address? Also, where can you find the list of all the categories – including all of the many sub-categories?

  9. Sorry, too much talk, too much hand movement and not enough said????? Couldn't follow as I was distracted terribly!

  10. Thank you and to Penny for taking the time to do this. Great people. All the best luck for all

  11. I love how Penny can see what you're talking about when discussing "keywords"… but what about us?

  12. Thank you that was inspiring. I am starting to write children' s books and I hope to get my first one self published soon! Those were a lot of great tips and tricks.

  13. OH my goodness that was fantastic….. my head is spinning with potential!!! Thank you +Penny Sansevieri for sharing so much on this interview!!!

  14. Thank you. My daughter Mignon Morgan and I have over 100 books out now. We appreciate all the help we can get.

  15. Do you put the key words in for every listing or is there one place for your amazon book store? Thanks

  16. Hi, very interesting and awesome stuff, I would like to know how to get my books sold
    please? It's a must read book sold around 600 copies in 2 days in my
    country. I have just put on ebay some days ago but then i need to make
    people aware or do some advertisement. Can you please advise? Thank You very
    much indeed. Much appreciated:)

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