Home Gadget Review seven New Engineering Gizmos You Have to Have in 2016

seven New Engineering Gizmos You Have to Have in 2016


seven New Engineering Gizmos You Have to Have in 2016!
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EVO : The Top Companion for your smartphone:
Shock the Drought with EvaDrop Smart Shower:
EmoFix: The Selfie Lover’s Greatest Buddy:
AMPL:The World’s Smartest Backpack:
BlueCarbon: Bluetooth cellphone calls recorder:
B.1 Home Automation Hub:
The Defender: Smart Individual Security:

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  1. The smartphone linked gadgets are particularly useless except the watch. A person already has his pockets full with a phone, wallet, keys. How much more can we carry?

  2. so was the BLUE carbon maybe called something else and had to be changed ? I noticed his lips and the words blue carbon doesn't match as well as it seems like it was added, like voiced over after the fact. anyone else notice?

  3. "Revolutionary" would be double headed matches or something, this thing is just more unsustainable garbage.

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  6. hi
    i want to translate some of you videos on youtube in my Language, Do u allow me to do so ?
    Thanks in advance .I am from Pakistan

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