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Read the full comparison review here: http://www.wheelsmag.com.au/reviews/car-comparisons/1601/commodore-ss-v-redline-v-audi-rs3-v-bmw-m135i-v-mercedes-amg-a45-v-mini-jcw-v-renaultsport-megane-v-vw-golf-r-comparison-review/

All Tasmania needs to come to life as a drivers’ nirvana is seven cracking performance cars and a bunch of primed pilots. That’s our cue…

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  1. Drivers cars? Where is the Subaru wrx sti? Manual? Hello…I can't believe you guys put a mini in there, wtf??? Holden commodore, I know I know they are great but a drivers car? Is it manual? Did you guys even fathom a Ford Focus RS 2016? For your information a pure drivers car has to be manual, anything less is faggy. Even Porsche just released 911 gt3 in manual only hence "Drivers Car"

  2. Holden Build quality is a shocker and they are overpriced. Go test drive an Audi RS3 and see for yourself.

  3. I did have an wrx sti for 2 years and it went well if you kept the revs up. The VW Golf 400 will be worth a look next year!. The A45 is a track car and would be hard to live with. The BMW is a good car but I prefer Quattro all wheel drive.

  4. It took 5 minutes before anything was said about the cars themselves. In an eight minute video that's just a waste and poorly put together.

  5. I know there's only so many cars you can test at once, but I have to mention the bang for buck of an FGX XR8. One can be had for under 55k drive away now, and speaking from experience, it is a joy to drive on the Tasmanian twisties (for a large sedan). Excellent in-gear torque, no body roll, well weighted steering, no more diff thump, and, with a quick disconnect of the bi-modal exhaust, an incredible sound (for a stocker). Oh, and the brakes are fantastic. Any you guys are right, Tassie has the best driving roads in the country!

  6. i would've enjoyed this more if it was a more proper comparison. it looked more like a gathering of cars you can get only for the moment. Focus RS, Subaru WRX, and VW Golf R (not wagon) should've been here instead of the wagon R.

  7. Nice shots and nice cars, but a bit more about the cars would have been nice. Maybe a few head to heads like Top Gear magazine do in their car of the year feature.

  8. So the extra 10K audi matched the M135i ans the extra 20k was 0.6 faster….glad i saved my 20k

  9. So the extra 10K audi matched the M135i ans the extra 20k was 0.6 faster….glad i saved my 20k

  10. +Wheels Australia can you let me know what dealer you got the RS3 at for below 80k I would be really interested in talking to them!

  11. Great video I love Tasmania, but it always pisses me of that in every review/video that the SSV Redline is in they use a manual. Using the automatic would make more sense and would provide a faster lap time by eliminating the chance of human error.

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