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Shazam! – Plugged In Movie Review


Rated PG-13
DC Comics latest superhero pic is full of feel-good laughs and messages about the importance of family … as well as a few problematic elements parents might be surprised to find in a movie that’s obviously aiming at a young teen audience.

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  1. These people must not know kids go to see Deadpool and IT in droves. The language in Shazam is the same they hear at school.

  2. I would have rated this movie a 1 out of 5, the language was shockingly poor and there are disgusting demons that are onscreen at least 1/2 the time, this movie isn't made for children or adults.

  3. why do you think I clicked on this video im trying to see if I can watch it but I was going to look at a review before I ask'd my mom. give me the review DuD

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