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  1. @jaby you should definitely watch Drishyam, you have reviewed the trailer. I promise that the movie 'll blow your mind. Please do review the movie drishyam.

  2. I don't know if you noticed but in the basement type morgue scene. ajay also breaks down when he is opening all the body bags because at the last bag he realizes the dead kid in that bag is
    1) not his daughter, so its relief he feels
    2) and plus he's also crying because its the same kid who he saved when he was in that hotel. the kid has the same burn mark on his hand.

    I realized it later after watching the entire movie, coz I was wondering about the way they were showing the hand in this particular scene.

  3. Jaby ajay broke out to tears in the movie seeing the last body because that was the kid he saved in hotel bdw u have a great channel, keep up the good work.

  4. Just watched it. Nice movie…very emotional. And the scenic beauty andthe background score is magical and enchanting. Btw, he did not hav to make the sacrifice as his daughter goes to the airport.. Which i would say was the best scene in the movie.. Acting wise.

  5. u should watch drishyam….
    that one is awesome movie of ajay sir…..
    n should also review that movie….

  6. Mr Jaby and Achara we all love u and great fan of ur reactions too on indian movie trailers.Believe me that trailer looks more entertaining with ur reactions

  7. syntell is cool…his music and acharas dance steps are cool also funny…u need to do like this some movie reaction…😙love u all..jaby syntell & achara😚

  8. I think…this is the best review. ..you have ever given…irrespective of the film being rated as average or flop…or even a hit…
    everyone has their own …opinion
    inspite of that…some films touch your heart. ..
    more than action part..like achara. .it really touched my heart….
    three cheers to you ppl. ..for this reaction….

  9. hi..jaby koay u r right ajay is one of most telented acter from bollywood with great attitude…i request to u can u pls give reaction on ajay first movie entry scene in 1991

  10. No..!!!Tht wasnt a Sacrifice at the end ofcourse he would sacrifice for his daughter

    But tht Airpot scene in the end u See How every Daughter loves their Father..The Best Part is in the end..!!Best Relationship movie..i have ever seen

  11. I absolutely loved Shivaay, it was such a great movie that I think we should all see! The message it brought was just incredible.

    The scene where he had to search for his daughter in the body bags was intense! The scene where he sees the last body, and burst into tears and drops to his knees was just an incredible scene! I agree it was the most powerful scene! Ajay's acting was spectacular!

  12. I watched this movie because of jaby's trailer reaction. As it was said, its not 100% perfect. Can be watched for hardwork of Ajay and trailer reaction of Jaby!!

  13. I guess many of you don't know that the whole movie was of 2hr and 55min but it was later trimmed and kept it to 2hrs and 33min long. That was because they want to give it the U grade and it has many scenes which violated the censor to get trimmed. You all can google it

  14. I am the same… I can't be objective about Ajay….Ever … and I have witnessed his whole career since 1992 he has been my favourite

  15. One more thing if someone do batter then Khan action people rejected and this is the real coz

  16. I really dont think shivaay was a slow movie…..its that hollywood movies mostly are duration of 2 hrs…..thats why indian movies might seem to u slow….but i must tell u shivaay was always in a good required pace

  17. Hahaha… Can't believe u guys r high.
    Drinking is not a bad habit..if u ask me. But addressing ur loved ones (ur audiance) when u r this high…u should refrain urself from doing this….bcoz this doesn't shows respect towards ur audiances 🙂
    P.S. I love you guys. U guys r just great and a good Human Being 🙂

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