Home Gadget Review Silver Gadget, Silent Swordsman, and Much More – Yugioh News April 2016

Silver Gadget, Silent Swordsman, and Much More – Yugioh News April 2016


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  1. Gold gadget floats into silver. Fire and ice hand style floating? Yes. Hype. Hype. Hype.

  2. And you can tell that there is going to be a Bronze Gadget because going by Metalholds artwork there is a spot to attach 3 Gadget monsters and each of these spots seem to be coloured gold silver and bronze and we already have Gold Gadget and Silver Gadget so Bronze Gadget is pretty much confirmed

  3. but if silver or gold get popped while equipped to purple mobile fortress they will SS gadgets like frogs on sea lancer. that could lead to some wacky plays no?

  4. So it's pretty much confirmed that we're going to be getting a Bronze Gadget with the same effect. I hope we get a new Ancient Gear Gadjiltron monster that works with the new gadgets as well.

  5. Been play testing rank up gadgets with Gold Gadget, it's pretty broken honestly. But now with Silver Gadget, like Rank Up Gadgets are the new meta for real.

  6. Yes! More Gadgets! The rise of the Gadgets is almost upon us. We might not top or be apart of the top decks in the world, BUT WE WILL PLAY THIS DECK TILL WE ARE BLUE IN THE FACE…or until the hopefully Diamond Gadget is made played and the deck innevadably gets banned as is the way of the yugioh.

  7. I just made a gadget vid on my channel, can you guys please help expand my channel and subscribe also give me tips on how to attract more viewers thanks for all the help

  8. The Game needed change & finally it's getting changed especially since konami (tcg) is going to throw out all this new support in a new pack coming this summer since they're making up to the fan based on the western dubbing of the movie coming out 2017

  9. Um, that Fortress is far more busted than you are realizing.

    It basically functions as a Limiter Removal that gives you an additional card after if resolves. (Summon 2-3Gadgets/Tin Goldfish. Swing with all of them, then combine them into this card for another swing.) Why wouldn't you want extra cards that double your damage??

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