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Skill Crane 148: Prize Claw (Android Game Review)


In this episode of Skill Crane series, Allen Kevorkov from BeTheClaw.com plays and reviews Prize Claw from MAXANDEV, an Android claw machine simulation game, which can be found in the Google Play Store at:


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  1. I love this but agree on everything you said in the video such as it could do with more levels new game for a time wasting game keep up the good videos

  2. I have an iPhone. I do have a claw game on my phone called Arcade Claw. The CGI graphics are kind of cheesy. It hasn't been updated since I had my iPhone 4S. I have an iPhone 6 now.

    That game looks like it was designed by developers in Asia. The last time I downloaded an app designed by Asian developers. I had to get my entire iPhone reset. The app gave me bad software.

    It was a call recording app, incase you were wondering.

  3. nice video!   Keep them coming!   i know you sell all your plush for five dollars on your website http://www.Be The Claw.com Great site love it!  how much would shipping be in Toronto Ontario Canada?

  4. Ok Allen, I'm ready for the link to buy those mini greyhound claw tube things for $3.00! I'm soooo sorry that it took forever for me to be ready! Sorry, I had to go to many funerals lately in other states. So just send me the link to buy them from PayPal please whenever your ready thanks! Plz respond ASAP! Thanks +Allen Kevorkov

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