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Smallfoot: Plugged In Movie Review


Rated PG
This animated kids flick delivers some nice messages about honesty and caring for others. But here’s the thing: This film’s message—with its pseudo-religious stone-carved laws that turn out to be lies—could well be interpreted in more subversive ways, too.

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  1. Anti faith, lol, so questioning things and not following things blindly is wrong? This movie had a good message, for anyone really, questioning things and not living in a world filled with pure ignorance is really shitty living.

  2. The Stonekeeper is obviously a Yeti Moses!
    Long white beard, carries a staff, and carries the LAWS Written on Stone plates to govern the tribes.
    They even have a Genesis stone, which is so ridiculous that even a 5 year old could enjoy mocking the ignorant religious story of "Creation".

    They make a Yeti version of life after Moses and the 10 Commandments, show all the religious laws to be stupid lies, and religious leaders to be deliberately deceptive,
    And religious follower to be naive idiots.

    The goal is to question all things religious and debunk all doctrines as you voyage on an agnostic or atheistic journey of new discoveries.
    To embrace an alien specie who were once thought of as mythical, but prove them to be real.
    To assume this alien specie is decent and good hearted and that we can all dwell together in peace once we debunk and discard the Bible.

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