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Smash Cops Heat iPad App Review (Gameplay)(Demo)


Smash Cops Heat is the follow up to the original Hutch Smash Cops game and it is just as fun. This video shows you how this game plays, shows various gameplay modes, as well as police cruisers you can aspire to in this fast paced, uniquely controlled police pursuit game.

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Smash Cops Heat Review, Great Police Pursuit Smash’Em Up Game (Video)

Developers Description:

The smash hit action game enjoyed by over five million players is back, supercharged with cool new features, bonus missions and extreme pursuit vehicles. Hit the streets and take on a city full of criminal mayhem!


This police pursuit game is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons desperate to outrun you in wild chases.

Pursue and takedown high speed felons
Escape criminal attacks in heart-stopping chases
Stunning 3D graphics
Large, beautiful, driveable city
Physics based chaos and mayhem

Ground-breaking, easy to use driving controls; ultra-responsive and accessible to players of all ability.

Explosive new power-ups, exclusive to Heat, let you crank up the carnage.

Unleash rapid fire takedowns with the brand new InstaRam
Fend off relentless felon attacks with the new & improved Super Cop

Choose from a huge variety of high performance pursuit cars ranging from American muscle to exotic European hypercars.

This police pursuit game features items such as power-ups and paint jobs that can be bought in-game. You can manage access to these items in Settings.

Facebook: facebook.com/HutchGames
Twitter: @HutchGames
YouTube: youtube.com/user/HutchGames
Web: www.hutchgames.com

What’s new

Many bug fixes including reported wi-fi crashes and oversized text issues.

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  1. theres definitely a point in this game that is impossible to pass unless you pay for the extra super cops and instarams – I've managed to get 38 stars and that's as good as I think I'm gonna get without paying real cash

  2. the game is fun and well made, unfortunately i have gotten to about 51 stars and have gotten COMPLETELY stonewalled. instarams and supercops do not regenerate and if you accidentally use up your store of them in one level, they are gone forever. you have to complete challenges to get some more but even those will stonewall you!

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