Home Game Review Sons of Anarchy: Guys of Mayhem Micro Evaluation

Sons of Anarchy: Guys of Mayhem Micro Evaluation


Sons of Anarchy: Guys of Mayhem Micro Evaluation

Sons of Anarchy: Guys of Mayhem
Gale Pressure 9

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  1. That's for the overview. If you end up liking this game, yes you'd also like Spartacus. I see some similarities.  Question: After an area has been exploited by a revile gang, can you come over, win a throw down, then can you use a order token to exploit the site again like a reward?

  2. Great review in terms of rules exposition and presentation, definitely makes me want to get this game. In terms of constructive criticism, I think some more detail on how your gaming sessions went and your assessment of how much skill and critical thought is needed needed to win would have added to the review. Also is this one of those games which is prone to those 'over-analysis' type players who sit in silence for minutes trying to work out what the best move is? How much does success depend on luck? These are just things I was left wondering after your review and it would have been cool if you had addressed these but overall I give your review a good review!

  3. What I don't understand is how the rounds work like do I use all of my orders then it's the next persons go or do you take it in turns of 1 order each. Ughhh….. this is doing my head in

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