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Sony SmartWatch 2 review | Engadget


Cast your mind back to the period between August and October 2012, and there was barely a whisper about a smartwatch round these parts. Pebble was funded and well underway, and we discovered a curious Google patent — but that was pretty much it. In that same period one year later, you’ll find nearly 40 news stories on Engadget alone. There’s definitely been a climate change.

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  1. Another awful product release in an attempt to beat apple to market. Keep trying and hopefully you'll get enough guinea pigs to buy your garbage so you can learn from and improve it so when apple releases it's smart watch, you'll have a fighting chance.

  2. I think everyone knows Apple is gonna make a smart watch and is trying to beat them to the punch, but they're doing it for the wrong reasons and that's why they suck. Apple wants to create a device like the iPad. The point of the iPad was it had to be better at things the phone or the laptop could do and create a reason that people would want to use it, if you watch the original iPad Keynote in 2007 you'll see all that. Apple is taking their time to perfect the smart watch.

  3. I LOVE SONY BUT SORRY. When are u going to do a Note 10.1 2014 EDITION REVIEW. Seriously I need your take on it.

  4. Beat Apple to what market? This is the 3rd iteration, the first one came out years ago long before any talk about the rumors of Apple supposedly doing one. This crap review didn't even touch on half the things this thing can do. Do some research fail troll. If Apple ever do one, 1) It won't have as many functions 2) It won't be cross compatible (This Sony works with any other Android 4.0+ phone) 3) They will be the ones copying! Get with the times, Apple suck arse and are falling way behind.

  5. You mad bro?
    First of all… I have neither allegiance to apple nor any manufacturer.
    Secondly, whether this Sony smartwatch is the first or third gen doesn't escape the fact that its a clunky piece of inelegant garbage and will FAIL.
    I didn't know you could peer into the future and claim that apples eventual smartwatch release will fail. My apologies.

  6. Facts? I'm sorry but you have presented zero facts whatsoever. You see, friend, what you are presenting though is your opinion and passing it off as facts. If you don't want a smartwatch then fine. Don't get one. But don't try and force your opinion onto others. Sorry but ELLIPSIS put you in your place and you basically responded with a tantrum rather than with a legitimate argument.


  7. Not really. The Galaxy Gear is not water resistant like the Sony Smartwatch 2. The Galaxy Gear's battery life lasts about one day! One freakin' day! The Sony Smartwatch 2's battery life will give you about 3-4 days maybe even 5 on one charge. The Galaxy Gear is also only limited to specific Samsung Galaxy phones whereas the Sony Smartwatch 2 can pair up with just about any Android phone running Android 4.0 or higher. The Galaxy Gear does not have NFC capabilities like the Sony Smartwatch 2.

  8. And also the Galaxy Gear is just too damn expensive at about $299 whereas the Sony Smartwatch 2 will cost you much less. Heck! I've seen web sites selling it for $169.

  9. Fuck apple. Never owned an iphone never will….over-hyped/glorified toy that people buy just to fit in/be cool.

  10. Apple stuff isn't cool for being cool. Their shit works! All day everyday. You just sound like every other person that hates Apple.

  11. 소니 스마트워치2 구매해서 여태껏 연결이 돼지않아 못스고있는데 혹 불량품 구매돼지는 않았는지? 신제품인데 왜이렇게 않됄까 방법데로 다했는데 아무잔응도 없어요 진짜 짜증나요 대리점 연락처 아시는분 있으면 알려주세요

  12. Iv just bought one of these but I got it for a steel I won one from Sony so can't wait to check it out.

  13. Wait, i got a massaged message about a massage appointment. I should check the message so i can take the massage in time. (i love the SmartWatch 2, it doesn't try to emulate a phone badly like most newer smart watches do)

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