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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review | Engadget


The new Xperia Z2 Tablet looks strikingly similar to its predecessor, albeit with a swapped-out set of components.
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  1. Why does he laugh at 2:13 and 3:05 and so on. There is nothing funny.
    Besides that, good review that covers the most important device features!

  2. in the market for an android tab…pull the trigger on this or the 2014 note? i am really leaning sony's way as a don't like skins over android

  3. I really hope Sony do something about that think bezels, as well as better speaker positioning, I'm covering the speakers most of the time during gaming…

  4. Good review but you forgot to talk about the two front facing speakers! The are pretty good and an important thing on a tablet.

  5. I got both the Z and Z2 tablet. On of the big improvements on the Z2 is battery life. Even though it is same size of battery the Z2 last me 40 % longer due to the snapdragon 801 processor. Else I couldn't care less about more processer power it is a gimmick. When gaming, browsing and other day to day activities you will not see any difference. Software is still years behind.

    When it comes to the screen Sony has done a very good job… but so does anyone else. There are no longer any noticeable difference between high end tablets the biggest difference is the OS the rest is religion (and marketing). Higher resolution than 1080 makes a difference on a 15 inch screen but is nonsense on a 10 inch form factor. Many people (and YouTube reviewers) confuses higher resolution with better screens quality but are ignorant to the importance of contrast and black level.

  6. What's this, endgadget not downbeat about a Sony product. Oh sorry, I forgot htc doesn't have a rival product in this category lol.

  7. One thing I really hate…
    The position of the jack!
    If you want to watch a movie in portrait how do you plug the headphones?
    You don't! Its located on the below bezel.

  8. To be honest, I don't see too many people with a Sony tablet. Lol only ipads, nooks and galaxy tab

  9. I had the first one it's okay but too many annoying things.
    Typing in landscape is impossible because of the aspect ratio, flaps are annoying to use everyday and it's body is too flexible to the point it malfunctions if held landscape on one side.

  10. They put an IR Blaster on this but did not bother to do so on the Z2? 
    Man! that's the only thing wrong with the Z2 imo.

  11. Considering getting this, Galaxy Note/Tab Pro 10.1, or Nexus 10 (hopefully there's a 2014 version to be released). Any suggestions to what Android 10 inch tablet should I get? 

  12. I have the xperia tablet z and really wanted to upgrade to the Z2 this week. Changed my mind after playing around with it today. What were they thinking when they repositioned the headphone jack to the bottom of the tablet??? Not all apps rotate 360 degrees like NBA game time so it makes it inconvenient if I want to watch a game using headphones. Makes it even more inconvenient when the cases you buy for this tablet will only stand it up in landscape mode one way up leaving no room to plug in headphone. Nice thin and light tablet but not enough upgrades from the previous model to make me open my wallet. Please do better with the Z3 Sony.

  13. At 4 min 7 seconds – the browser – so damn clunky. Not smooth at all. Very shameful. It's like Android is incapable of shaking the lag. Sony fail.

  14. No one wants need for speed on that, i care about a system lag which was a problem with z1

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