Home Game Review Space Station Frontier HD – iPad Game Review (156/365)

Space Station Frontier HD – iPad Game Review (156/365)


Space Station Frontier HD costs $4.99

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  1. Still haven't played a game on my iPad yet, purely using it as data production device… kinda contrary to it's primary function but w/e it works for me! Definately going to try this!

  2. @niah146 I can't complete the campaign because I continue to die over and over. It's like I have to do in order to gain more credits to buy upgrades in hope that eventually I'll be at the point where I'll be able to survive.

  3. nice, seems lke a good game to play..
    (dnt think theres a game like that for the iPod is there)

  4. @ernest8005 I think there is an iPod version

  5. @reidddddd I don't think there's 1 game that makes the iPad worth buying. I would say it's the collective amount of apps that make it worth it.

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