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Speaking Automobiles with Shopper Stories #81: Tesla Autopilot | Shopper Stories


Jake and Tom hit the freeway in our Tesla Design S P85D to focus on its Autopilot technique, which can steer the motor vehicle and continue to keep it inside its lane on its very own. Verify out for extra critiques, tips, and tips.
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There are some positive aspects to the technique, in particular on extensive freeway visits and in halt-and-go website traffic, but this beta-stage technique is nonetheless operating out some bugs. We also converse about the temptations posed by the technological know-how, equally for growing distracted driving and for working with it on streets where it is much from optimized. Last but not least, we distinction Tesla owners’ willingness to buy and consider out this technique, when compared to the problem common motor vehicle potential buyers have in understanding the worth of advanced protection methods like ahead collision warning and autobraking.

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  1. I can show you multiple instances where Tesla Autopilot has prevented accidents. Can you show me one where Autopilot has caused an accident? Its okay, I'll wait.

  2. Enough of tesla which majority of CRs subscribers can't even afford. The super chargers are far and afew outside of California

  3. Can we please give the Tesla a rest? Geez, no other car has received this much attention and most consumers are not buying a Tesla. Just a thought……

  4. Thanks for the nannying public safety video. Trouble is that dressed up as a product review it was misleading. 2.5 minutes before hands on wheel warning? Nope, that was a lie. It will drive 4 hours straight without that warning or any need for it if the road you are on is already well mapped by Tesla vehicles passing through. As for the rude comments about over-marketing???? Hyundai "because change is good". Change what – your whole life if you buy a Korean shit box? And you say Tesla is over-marketing by calling a collection tech options a tech package? P.S. when is CR going to apologise to Tesla for fucking up at stats with its 1400 sample size reliability survey of 2% of Tesla owners that are self-selected responders by virtue of having a reliability issue to respond about?

  5. This is the first Talking Car episode with which I became bored. to much repeat, repeat…I should have counted the number of times they said, "This is NOT self driving!".

  6. It is autopilot. Autopilot and fully autonomous car is different. You're mixing the two in a somewhat malicious way.
    PS: I'm a private pilot with instrument ratings so I know exactly what an autopilot is.

  7. Does Mutchler have a blueberry stuck in his mustache? Okay, guess I see it now in other videos. Nevermind.

  8. This is the first application of Nvidia's Drive PX based system. If you want to intelligently review the autopilot feature, please educate yourself with deep learning.

  9. Calling it "auto pilot" is IMO OK, since until about 10 years ago even aircraft "auto pilot" just held it on proper course, speed etc.

  10. You are doing it wrong.. Hear it disconnect all the time because he tugs the wheel all the time. And the 2,5 minute remark is not true.. a couple of ppl have reported 45minute without input

  11. Why was it disabling and enabling so much in the video? (the chimes give it away). I would suggest keeping your hand at the bottom or the wheel, it will give it enough force where it stays on, and you dont break out of the system.

  12. Man, these guys have no clue what is really going on. You can only test this type of technology in a vacuum for so long. Eventually you have to test it in the real world. Tesla, unlike Google actually has a big fleet of cars in the real world actively using the tech and sending valuable data back to improve the system in real time. They're so far ahead of everyone. In a couple of years I have a good feeling they will have almost fully autonomous capability ready to deploy to an existing fleet of 200,000 cars (that's how many Teslas will be on the road by 2017)

  13. Hey, guess what? The Model S crossed 3000 miles across the USA (from LA to NYC) with autopilot. 96% of the time with no hands on the wheel, or feet on the pedals. Let that sink in for a minute. Ninety-six percent.

    Meanwhile, you did the ENTIRE VIDEO with your hands on the wheel?

  14. I don't like the idea of giving up control of my car to a computer. Called it safety features, autopilot whatever…..I do not want this crap in my next car. Are consumers really wanting this stuff or just another gimmick to sell cars? I like the Tesla Model S, but don't like these "safety features" or have my car connected online which opens you up to hacker attacks. When Elon Musk said his cars are computers on wheels, it made me cringe.

  15. Jussi Lind – "All of the problems", you say? I doubt it. Year after year, even though old problems get fixed, new problems crop up. That's just the way cars work, whether you're Tesla or not. (Hell, the same things happen with iOS with your phone!)

  16. When you are talking about a review of a safety system, you might have wanted to do enough preparation to be able to list a few examples of how Auto Pilot is actively saving people lives and avoiding accidents. I just had breakfast with a man who had a large deer hit his Model S drivers side window totally shattering it. Did the car swerve? Did the Car leave it's lane? Did the car enter oncoming traffic? Nope, the Tesla Model S with auto pilot kept his car perfectly in the middle of his lane even when an exploding window had cut his arms and face. Might this feature help keep others safe if someone falls asleep at the wheel, had to much alcohol or to much fun at a late night meeting? The roof construction of the car saved a Woman and her child in California when a tree fell on their Model S and it protected them. An Uber driver had his Model S avoid a collision that happened to fast for his reactions and credits the car 's auto pilot. You are driving the safest care ever built, a car that is even getting safer, and you can't recommend it because the company had to repair some car components at no cost to you. You guys no longer make sense to me. Tesla has shown to be so innovative you guys can't keep up and are way behind. What is the age of your average subscriber these days, I bet it favors 50-60 year old population more that 16-50 years old population. Get on the stick or say bye, bye. Basically.

  17. Here's the thing, guys: I don't mind CR talking about Tesla over and over because they are such a critical part of our 21st Century cars. What I DO hate is them calling Autonomous Driving Cars NOT SELF-DRIVING CARS!

    To CR: If the manufactures are calling these systems self-driving systems, DEAL WITH IT! Don't dwell on your safety and practicality evaluations and just accept that this is how cars are going to be moving forward, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!

  18. all you two do is repeat the same shit and talk like two 50 year old women named Prudence and Gertrude. neither of which has ever had a man. you suck as reviewers.

  19. You guys really don't get it. You keep saying that a human can drive better than these systems. The point is, you the driver drive better with these systems than without them. They make your overall driving much safer.

  20. temptation? ha! where does accountability for our actions come into play? people are so geared to blame others for their decisions. nobody can make anyone tweet, text, or browse the web.

  21. Correction at about 13m35s when the driver talks about Tesla Automatic Emergency Brake: "So it will, if something drops out, it will stop for you." which contradicts with the manual: "Warning: Automatic Emergency Braking is not designed to prevent a collision. At best, it can minimize the impact of a frontal collision by attempting to reduce your driving speed. Depending on Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid a collision can result in serious injury or death." The manual wording was demonstrated in real life on 4/26/2016 when autopilot Model S slammed into the rear of a stopped car in front at the speed of 40 MPH in Lebec, CA. Again, Tesla Automatic Emergency Brake is designed to reduce your speed but not to halt your car to a stop. It is not designed to prevent a collision. It is designed to lessen the force of the impact.



    Disclaimer : the future is only for the 1%. The rest can crash

  23. My interest in this is that CU questions the way Tesla is implementing the system. Ironically, the developing company of TACC does not like the way Tesla is implementing the system either. As a result, Tesla will need to find another third party or develop it itself for the future when the supplier cuts Tesla as a consumer.

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