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Spectra Xbox One LED Controller Review For Pc


Review and how to get this controller up and running on your console or #pcmasterrace computer at home. HAha just kidding guys, ima fan of mouse and keyboard but sometimes playing with a controller is just the way to go.

Controller: http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/accessories/xbox-one-spectra-wired-controller/116285

Drivers: http://majornelson.com/2014/06/05/pc-drivers-for-the-xbox-one-controller-available-now/

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  1. they removed the links for the drivers, and i updated windows, but my controller still cannot download any drivers. PLZ HELP

  2. Is there an audio jack on the controller like there is on the phones? Cause I don't plan on buying a headset along with it.

  3. I just bought one of these for my racing games on my pc and it worked right when i pugged it in it installed the drivers autmatically and i didnt even pay $50 i to got mine from gamestop and it was on sale for $30 lovin it!! WIN

  4. Can you even still get these to work now that those links are dead? I've been looking through google and haven't found any drivers, and windows 7 can't find any drivers for it.

  5. THe inks don't work anymore and i just bough this for christmas… If you can upload the drivers somewhere so people can download them, it would be extremely helpful.

  6. I bought it with Christmas money, and it isn't working. I plugged it in and the computer recognized the device, but couldn't find the drivers for it. I'm thinking I either need to upgrade to Windows 10 (which is supposed to have it preinstalled), or find a manual download. The majornelson link no longer hosts the download, and every help page just links to xbox support, which says Windows will automatically pick it up.

  7. This controller doesnt seem to work on PC anymore. No drivers available, the link you gave doesnt have them anymore, when I found a different place with them to download, they didn't work. anyone have any answers?

  8. doesnt work. bought this after your video and it doesnt work. drivers dont work the microsoft update on windows 10 doesnt work. this is crap and im pissed.

  9. Thanks for this video. Never used any controller with pc before and this video helped me alot.

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