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Splice Sounds Sample Subscription Service Review & Free 6 Month Access


http://SoundsAndGear.com: Checking out Splice Sounds, a new sample download service that let’s you access 100 or 300 samples each month. You can go through the entire library and pick out ONLY the samples you like. Very dope.

Check it out here: http://www.splice.com/sounds/?utm_campaign=sng

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Enter to win 6 months free: http://soundsandgear.com/splice-sounds-monthly-sample-and-loop-subscription-service-review-giveaway

Learn Maschine: http://MaschineTutorials.com



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  1. Was an instant subscription for me some time ago. Love it and I'm willing to forgive some of the things they are missing in the beginning (like organizing stuff…).

  2. Once again my man you have shown me the light. I didn't know this existed until you brought to my attention. Thanx for that. I can't tell you how many times I have purchased 20 and 30 dollars sample packs just to realize that the samples sound nothing like the previews i heard. This is a time and money saver. Thanx boss man. Sounds and Gear forever!

  3. Ive made a subscription to splice just like you and ive downloaded a few sounds but for some reason maschine is not allowing me to open a splice sound. ive tried dragging the sound from both my folder and downloads section on my mac but its not letting me drag it or scan it into my library..do you know why this is happening? i did everything the exact same as you did…So frustrating smh

  4. I just stumbled upon Splice because i'm about to buy Serum and their monthly payment plan is unheard of as it relates to buying a synth plug-in. It definitely fits the bill right now. They sent a welcome email talking about Serum but also an invite to check out the website…..then, I saw this. (the scoundrels..take my effin' money already.. lol!) It made me very curious, very quickly.. because i'm an internet junkie who surfs all the time and I see TOO MANY deals on loops/one shots/construction kits/samples, etc.. This service looks as if it pulls everything together in ONE place. I even see Loopmasters listed. (one of the many i'm subscribed to). 'Convenience' is jumping through the screen at me…AND you can keep everything you download? That's unheard of (again) and a great investment in the long run. I'm subscribed to a couple 'popular' monthly music services…. Looks like i'm gonna have to cancel one and replace it with this subscription. lol I know it's 2 years old, but thanks for the review.

  5. This is the worst sample service I've ever used. I've tried to download the desk top app (required to download the sample you find) many times,and the file is completely insecure. I've emailed the company many times asking for a working download file and after a week I still have no response. The download has malware and insecure files inside. I've changed my security settings, tried on a different pc and it's still insecure. I'm very disappointed in this service and do not recommend it to anyone.

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