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Split – Movie Review


Proving that there is no stopping the Night, M. Night Shyamalan brings us his newest thriller. Can he make a comeback? Here’s my review of “Split”!

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  1. McAvoy should be nominated for the best leading actor and the the best supporting actor!

  2. definitly thought jeremy would have touched on the final scene in the diner
    to me that is the sign that Shyamalan has returned

  3. The main girls isn't important in the movie the same would happen if she wasn't in it

  4. Dude, u didnt mention the stellar twist at the end. Though, u probs avoided that for spoiler reasons so I get it

  5. So tell me…why doesn't McAvoy get bigger roles in Hollywood? How many times an actor needs to prove himself? Actors worst than him are making it big in the industry. He should have had a couple of Oscar nominations in his pocket by now.

  6. I loved this movie.
    I disagree with Jeremy Jahn when he said the flashbacks were out of place. The flashbacks served a purpose and not only explains why the girl is the way she is, but also explains why she was spared at the end.

  7. Wow, I disagree with Jeremy on this one.. not often that happens and the first time in a long time that I feel the rating was a disservice to a movie, for me Split was Awesometacular!

  8. Wait Jeremey you didn't even mention the ending man? What the fuck. One of the biggest and best cinematic endings ever. Never have I shouted at the top of my lungs in a move theatre before until Split.

  9. Jeremy didn't catch the cameo + movie connection ate the end of Split. One word: SHYAMAVERSE.

  10. Really? I hated the main girl's role. She was kind of the one thing stopping them from getting out at first, and her stubbornness to help was dumb.

  11. This movie did the same shit 10 cloverfield lane did to me. They were both fantastic movies up until the end. They both ruined themselves with stupid paranormal/sci-fi that felt out of place. 10 cloverfield lane with its aliens and split with its "I can walk on walls. Bullets don't hurt me." They both connected themselves to previous movies and I had no way of knowing this unless I'd seen them (had to look it up both times). Both had fantastic acting but shit endings that really ruin the entire movie for me.

  12. i thought it was great to be honest, the slow burns in movies like the sixth sense is unbearable were it not for the ending but this movie didnt need to rely upon twist endings to be good, it had content in it right from the start to make it interesting, the performances are creepily real and it does carry the movie, im just glad m night has made a comeback, hope he keeps this streak

  13. before you give james his oscar you gota give one to my boy jake. did you guys forget Nightcrawler!?!?!

  14. I've watched this movie with my mom on my Raspberry Pie network and in my opion, it wasn't even that scary. But all in that, it was SO good!!!!!!!!

  15. The IMDb cast list ruined the twist of this movie for me. They not only remove the comments board option, they ruined the twist of this movie. I'm officially deleting the app. Cunts!

  16. jeremy first off im a big fan of yours and untill now i agreed with every review you did since i started watching your reviews back in 2008. but for the first time ever i must say i disagree. i think the movie desereves at least a blue ray if not awesometacular, it was intense, intriguing and i was sitting on the edge of my seat through most of the movie

  17. The movie is great just saw it today I would give it a 8 / 10 the movie was all over the place but that did not mean i enjoyed it

  18. He never even mentioned the ending and the flash backs are to show why she handles the situation better than the other two girls?

  19. This was one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. I heard that the next movie is going to be a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split. Bruce Willis had a small cameo in this film. Shyamalan revealed that this movie is connected to Unbreakable. Can't wait to see it

  20. Boring, predictable, tension-less and a complete waste of a time. Not surprised Jeremy liked it. His low standards and all.

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