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Sports Article Writing – How to Write Compelling News Articles


You've got to follow general journalism techniques or trade secrets when writing your sports articles to make them compelling and exciting.

1. Use killer headlines. As this what will grab your readers, it's a must that you make them sound very powerful. Although your titles must not contain more than 15 words, they must effectively summarize the gist of your content. If possible, you can also give your audience a reason why they should go ahead and read your articles.

2. Have a strong lead. Your first paragraph is as important as your titles. It must be strongly written and it must contain all the major information that are being looked for by your target market. Ensure that you'll be able to answer all the possible questions of your readers at this point.

3. Write with clarity. Keep in mind that you're not writing a novel and that you're serving people who do not have the time nor the patience to read in between the lines. So, write your articles in a very easy to understand manner. Your audience must not need to read your articles over and over again just to understand the points that you're trying to get across. Also, get straight to the point. Beating around the bush will surely annoy both your editor and your readers.

4. Understand the sports. Although you don't really need to be an expert in the sport that you're covering, you must have at least basic working knowledge. You must be familiar with terms and how the sport is being played.

By Sean Mize

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