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Ssangyong Tivoli 2016 review – Car Keys


Read the full review of the SsangYong Tivoli: https://www.carkeys.co.uk/car-reviews/ssangyong/tivoli-hatchback?social=CXK-YT-Description-20160311-Ssangyong%20Tivoli%202016%20review%20&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=CXK-YT-Description-20160311-Ssangyong%20Tivoli%202016%20review%20

Save money on a SsangYong Tivoli: https://www.carkeys.co.uk/ssangyong/tivoli/hatchback?social=CXK-YT-Description-20160311-Ssangyong%20Tivoli%202016%20review%20&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=CXK-YT-Description-20160311-Ssangyong%20Tivoli%202016%20review%20

SsangYong’s bold new Tivoli crossover is an important change of direction for the company, and one which it hopes will finally help it crack the British market.

Having typically had difficulty appealing to buyers in this part of the world, the Korean firm has modified its approach, moving away from its traditional large SUVs and instead focusing on a smaller, European-style crossover.

We last drove the Tivoli on its UK launch last year, but after spending a week with it, how does it stack up against many of its more established competitors?

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  1. A good car. They could end up being the new KIA if they keep improving their models like this.

  2. Wanted to test drive one of these last year, but unfortunately the nearest dealership was some random garage I'd never heard of and their finance was through 'Black Horse' with really bad deals. It's a shame as the red/black version with the red leather looks really good.

  3. I was impressed when I took the ELX Diesel 2wd version for test drive the engine had some good grunt

  4. Firstly a good review, this car is cheap to buy, it's about time we have more cars like this especially as they are getting as good as the big boys. Buy this or pay double for a car that might be slightly better – you do the math

  5. Good honest review! Ssangyong are the most underrated brand on the global market. I've owned 5 different models now and loved every one of them for their outstanding value for money, build quality and their ruggedness – in real life they are as capable as anything else their competitors make.

  6. We've just ordered the Elx which is fully kitted out. It's a smart car at a great price for our family.

  7. I just purchased a 2016 silver Tivoli. I'm so excited to get it.,, I have no doubt that I will love it?

  8. This was a nice review although the presenter was talking way tom fast for my liking. However, I spent 4 hours looking at the whole range last weekend and was astonished at all the extra kit and upgrades. The special offer just now means you can get the entry model for the same price as the mid range model for the same money. This has to be a no brainer. These vehicles are tough, robust and pack a punch under the bonnet. They've been building tanks, APC's and agricultural vehicles for almost as long as our Queen has been on the throne, so they're bound to have developed some solid aspects that will last. 1.5 tonnes tow capacity for a caravan? That has got to be worth looking at. Ordering mine this weekend if the dealer will play dice regarding a business discount.

  9. after a long test drive, ours is now on order, cannot wait for it to arrive, it was a pleasure to drive and very well equipped. ELX trim is brimming with all the bells and whistles. Love the review.

  10. They should have gone into making toasters. Last thing this already over crowded car industry needs right now is another manufacturer making the same bland vehicles.

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