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Super Punch Out (Snes/Wii) Game Review


Game Knights Entertainment presents, Super Punch Out Review! Video Review, Featuring Kwing. Kwing is the Game Knights Radio Co-Host and Nintendo Reviewer.

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  1. Guys I think wat he means is that there are no rounds, you must win in three minutes

  2. i owned the powerglove and it barely worked.you had to use the buttons that were on it.lol it dont count cause you really couldn't play a game using it.

  3. but still motion sensor or on a pokemon pikachu 2 or something that is like a tamagotchi that hat motion sensor to

  4. I have about one of the four screens on the wii menu filled with VC games and every time somebody sees that they are like "woah that's alot of games" do you guys think that that is too many?

  5. I thought so too at first, but after I played it – it was more fun than the other games for some reason.

  6. I like this Punch Out, and the Wii one. Not a fan of the original to be honest. This game feels satisfying when using the super punches.

  7. i love mike tysons punchout for NES and i was unsure if i should get this for my super nintendo could anyone help me?

  8. Wow the guy playing this fails at life. This game is so easy it's not even funny. It is still fun though.

  9. I'm so tired of everyone talking about punch-out saying that ducking wasn't in the first one. PRESS DOWN TWICE FOO'!

  10. Put your Punch-Out game into your NES.
    Start fighting.
    Hit down twice.
    You'll duck.

  11. This game is one of my fave SNES games, its so much fun – great graphics, sound, characters and very responsive controls.

  12. Yes we all know you were able to duck in the NES Punchout, but we all know it wasn't necessary to do so like it is in Super Punchout. If anyone here says they ducked regularly in the NES Punchout then they are complete retards

  13. I miss Mike Tyson!!!!!!!!!! I need my old nes back seeing as Nintendo won't release their REAL VERSION!!!

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