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Suzuki Vitara SUV 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Suzuki Vitara is a rugged SUV that’s not only cheap to run by practical and spacious enough for the average family. It might not be the most outrageous-looking family car, nor does the cabin boast class-leading build quality, but it’s fun to drive and surprisingly good off-road. Mat jumps behind the wheel to give you his verdict.

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  1. I think this is the worst looking both interior and exterior when compared with all the other competitors. Probably also the main reason why they don't sell and we RARELY see them on the road. Suzuki needs to step up their game or they won't be around a 100 years from now. No doubt that it drives well enough but that's not the only selling point that attracts potential customers…

  2. I am getting tired of
    motoring correspondent who criticise certain models of cars (such as
    the Suzuki Vitara) for having “cheap plastic interiors”. Such
    criticisms might be valid for something in the Roll Royce or Bentley
    class. However, for everyday utilitarian cars, hard wearing plastics
    are practical feature. I have had up-market cars (BMW and Mercedes)
    with blinged up shiny and soft touch interior plastics. I have found
    that, whilst they might look nice in the showroom, they are dust
    magnets and show every mark. They are also hard to keep clean and
    scratch very easily. Once out of the showroom they soon look far more
    cheap and nasty than some of the more down market alternatives. I
    suspect that the correspondents' criticisms are based on trivial
    first impressions and that they have no meaningful experience of the
    long term practicalities of using and looking after these cars in
    real life situations.

  3. Matt when people says its fun, it doesnt mean the car tells jokes and you need to laugh, it just makes you sound awful and pointless to comment about it. Just one reviewer said it was fun, all reviewers copy the fun factor.

  4. hi Good morning, gretings from Colombia, between this one and the Ecosport in terms of comfortable cabin and soft for tough lands wich would you prefer?

  5. you didn't tell us the price of the car,that is the big mistake many reviewer's are making

  6. I like that Vitara. Good driving height, honest good size around town, occasional country/bush trip. Suzuki – get weaving.

  7. Am i the only one who might think if this car looks like jeep new grand Cherokee??

  8. the dacia 1310 has more hp per liter then the f mighty d viper,,,and it was built in the 80s

  9. I appreciate the review but I do believed Suzuki Vitara is a fine and dependable suv.
    When you value more the looks then you have extra penny in your portfolio then buy a mini cooper instead. I'm sure you will not complain of hard plastic in the interior.
    But for practical people (like me) and don't have any plans buying a more expensive European/American car brand then buy Suzuki Grandi Vitara.

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