Home Movie Review Swamp Thing (1982) Monster Madness X movie review #9

Swamp Thing (1982) Monster Madness X movie review #9


Swamp Thing (1982) Monster Madness X movie review #9
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  1. Swamp Thing was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I would have loved to have seen the extended version.

  2. Brain's squeeze was especially hot in this one, if you know what I mean Snake 😀

  3. He says it's not a major Superhero…however…
    The famed comic writer Alan Moore got to write the Swamp Thing comic because this movie was coming out. He really made a name for himself with it, and went on to write some of the most defining comics of all-time. So in a way, "This obscure hero" gave birth to a whole generation of comic books and comic writers.

  4. This got me thinking… You should release a Cinemassacre/Monster Madness line of films. It would be great! If the Wu-Tang Clan could do it, why not you?

  5. Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing is probably the greatest comic book run I've ever read. Yeah I said it!! better than Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns!! Wanna fight about it!!!

  6. I know it wouldn't happen, but I would love a Netflix show of Swamp Thing based on Alan Moore's comics.

  7. CM, did you guys animate that monster yourself (outro)?

    I'm an animator, and whoever did it, did a great job.

  8. This reminders me exactly why I HATE CGI movies.

    It's really pretty sad what CGI has done to the industry. So many lucrative professions are obsolete now because you can do them all on computer. No use for elaborate make-up and prosthetics, big props, sets, pyrotechnics, etc., all kinds of jobs that use to take entire teams now just take a couple of guys :-/

  9. Hopefully with DC/WB wanting to do a JL Dark movie we might get a proper Swamp Thing flick. But this was still fun.

  10. Several Marvel movies can easily belong to different genres Ant-man a heist film GotG is a space opera, but they don't have a horror movie (the probably couldn't unless the used the characters that literally just rip offs of the universal monsters) but DC could beat them to the punch and remake Swamp Thing.

  11. Wow, I thought this movie was just a weird dream I had as a kid. I never realized it was a real movie.

  12. For some reason on ray wise' page it says his most known role is in this

  13. Swamp thing YOUR AMAZING

    I remember the cartoon series and also the TV series , and also introduced
    John Constantine the DC paranormal cult detective.

  14. That pic of Freddy at the beginning actually startled me. Not a full on jumpscare but definitely a torso clinch.

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  16. Nudity was common in PG-rated movies from the 1980s, but bloody violence was not.:D. Times have most certainly changed.:/

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