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Synth News 001: KORG Gadget for Mac, Elastic Drums v2 & more


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►Welcome to Synth News 001, the Synthesizer News of the past week. Here are the news:

► PatchBase JD-Xi Editor: https://goo.gl/j5zRo1
► Tone2 RayBlaster 2 Public Beta: https://goo.gl/nBfdzp
► Virsyn Addictive Pro Synth: https://goo.gl/Q91hFh
► KORG Gadget for Mac: https://goo.gl/EAlZpw
► KV331 Audio Synthmaster One: https://goo.gl/vtLljz
► Dreadbox Abyss Poly Synth: https://goo.gl/UAWIPM
► Synthcore 2: https://goo.gl/Yflx04
► Reverb.com SURVIVE Video https://goo.gl/l6b1lH
► Klevgr Baervaag FM Synth: https://goo.gl/QYtl7g
► Modulin DIY Instrument: https://goo.gl/UC3KaB
► Qu-Bit Contour: https://goo.gl/ZfGnQV
► Elastic Drums 2: https://goo.gl/oTDMM1
► Synth Music of the Week: https://goo.gl/09PYos

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  1. Owning Ableton suite and gadget on ios when i saw the price of Gadget for mac i ordered a novation circuit. The gadget for mac price is a no go for me. This is the opposite policy than Mini and Monologue. No thank you Korg. I would say 100 for owners of ios gadget and 150 without owning gadget for mac

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