Home Gadget Review T4D #131 – New Year News and Fav Gadgets of 2016

T4D #131 – New Year News and Fav Gadgets of 2016


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News and Chit Chat about the year ahead and my favourite gadgets of 2016.

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* Gear Aid FLUX 20,800 mAh Rechargeable Light and Portable Power Station
* LiteBookTM 30W Portable Rechargeable Light
* Astell & Kern AK120 Mastering Quality Sound Portable Dual DAC Hi-Fi Audio System
* Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone
* 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones
* Crock-Pot 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer
* DROK Micro Load Tester Board USB

Tektronix RSA507A:

RS Components / RS Pro IDS-207 – RS Pro Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels, 70MHz:

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  1. Very excited for you Martin! Asheville is a lovely town. Looking forward to visiting your space one day.

  2. Could you please comment on the audio output testing procedure gsmarena has adopted for their smartphone reviews?

  3. Awesome share Martin. Good luck in the New year. I got my beagles just outside Asheville NC. Beautiful area good choice.
    :-p Peace.

  4. There might be a freezing problem with cans of food in the truck, but dried foods would work. GeoPathfinder sells stainless screen material, I had no problems getting some from them, dry your own and save money. Interesting video!

  5. Great video as usual, glad to see you back in action and doing some really good research. Happy New Year to all the family and God bless in all your endeavours.

  6. Nice to see you back again Martin. Seems like you've only been in your current place 2 minutes. Have fun moving :).

  7. Glad to see you still around on YouTube Martin. Hope the house build/move etc goes well for you all.

  8. Hello Martin, good to see you back. Best wishes for your very busy upcoming year !
    Asheville is also home to Moog Music Inc. which produces high end electronic music synthesizers.
    That inexpensive C.H.I.P. device made me realize even more that Apple is really overpricing their iPhones like crazy.
    They probably cost something like $20 to produce in China, but sell for $700. Talk about a preposterous markup !
    Looking forward for other videos.
    BTW, I've sent you a message via YouTube on this channel, but wasn't sure you'd see it…?

  9. New subscriber here. What got me was that you obviously understand electronics, but you also trust your ears. I get so tired of the audiophile bashing done by some vloggers. I look forward to digging into your back catalog of videos.

    Happy new year!

  10. Happy new year to you too. If you what to re-edit your videos too learning videos. Then look at 'Khan Academy' on the internet..

  11. Will you video your house build?

    could rent out expensive equipment to people wanting them for a project.

  12. Sorry mate but you cannot collect rain water in the USA…they will fine you a nice fat citation if you get caught and warned about it by EPA. Happen to me and it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, can't collect it because it is tampering with the environments habitat.

  13. I think you're a great person to head a makerspace. I"m sure it's repetitive for you now, but you have a nitch for teaching and filling the gaps a lot of people leave out.. You've been a great help to me since I started 3 months ago. Good luck. (By the way, I love how you say "Electricity") And to be specific, a gap you filled for me was your explanation of alternating current. And when I purchase another oscilloscope, I would like to send you this Hantek DSO4102C to maybe review. There are no videos on this machine whatsoever. No help on EEVblog. I don't know what it is about it. But I think someone needs to do a video on it.
    Thanks again.

  14. Always appreciate your videos. I bought one of each of the lights you featured. I'm afraid I didn't think to use your links. Any way you can get credit for those purchases?

  15. Wishing you a great New Year Martin – Health, Wealth and Happiness and look forward to your new direction / content.

  16. Congratulations on the move, Ashville is a popular place for mountain biking maybe you can do some electric bike projects down there. I look forward to visiting the brick and mortar location!!!

  17. Good luck with all your projects.

    Test equipment give-aways would be excellent. There is no second hand test gear market in Australia (companies bin stuff)
    Having $150 in postage to get heavy gear shipped from the US, and risk damage, means it's hard to justify for hobby use.

    Didn't know you drive a diesel truck, any interest in electric cars ?
    I never knew iRiver was still around, I've got one of their MP3 players here somewhere.

  18. Good to see you back and great to see you happy again! You started looking at bit down last year compared to your older video's and I was worried you would give up on youtube.
    Keep up the great work – the house projects sound good, I like tech when it's actually applied to a useful task around the home etc.

  19. Why not set up a maker space in the town and get companies to donate equipment, You might get more success this way. You could advertise for guest speakers or trainers?

  20. We used to drive around and heat food in aluminum foil on the car or truck engine. What temperature does the thermostat shut off on the Crock-Pot 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer. I would make sure the food gets to at least 160 F just to make sure it was safe to eat. According to the Wilderness Medical Society, water temperatures above
    160°F (70°C) kills all pathogens within 30 minutes and water above 185°F
    (85°C) within a few minutes. Check out the Truckers You Tubes some have good recipes and product reviews.

  21. I really appreciate your thorough great technical evaluations and comparisons! As for the lights, I find a lot of things unreliable now days. Most of the China made lights have a lot of little parts on the circuit boards and some things can burn out rather easy. Also lithium batteries complicate the charging process with more circuit parts and once again a lot of area for failure. Whats the point of an emergency light if you try to turn it on and it doesn't work! I use the Maglite 3D LED flashlights for emergency lighting and they are extremely reliable with no circuit board and only 1 mode directly driven by the batteries. If you tail stand them you can light a room with ceiling bounce and easily read a book and with 80 hours of light from 3 d cells you can use it 5 hours a night for a month straight. My oldest Maglite 3D LED is 11 years (it has a luxeon LED) I think and it still works great. During power outages I use two Maglite 3ds pointed at the ceiling and I have room light as if there were two 40w incandescent table lamps running.

  22. Martin,
    Another relocation planned and a very interesting specification for the new home. We have a few Maker Spaces here in Glasgow and I plan to visit one sometime this year.

    I have two new products for this year.
    1. Dimplex 403BTB Convector Heater with Bluetooth. This is additional space heating for my rented apartment. Most importantly its wirelessly controlled. I already have the Osram Lightify RGBW lighting system.
    2. Bosch Filtrino II Hot Water Dispenser. I started on the Gut Friendly Diet (Jeanette Hyde) in September 2016 and one of the requirements was to filter all my water. I started with a Brita Fridge Jug and Camelback Bottle for outdoors. This diet has been very successful losing 5kg in the first 6 weeks. Unfortunately I have developed Tennis Elbow and I believe that is due to the weight of the Jug (2l capacity). The water dispenser arriving today takes the Brita Filter and can dispense at ambient plus 70, 80 and 90 degC. The dispense volume is programmable. Most of my Kitchen type items are Bosch which I find efficient, effective and highly reliable.

  23. You can use can foods past date on can, but I would not store them where they would be heated or be warm 'in a car' as emergency…..

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