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Tael Reviews: Deadly Creatures – Nintendo Wii Game Review


Deadly Creatures was a very unique action game built from the ground up as an exclusive for the Nintendo Wii. It was released in 2009 and developed by Rainbow Studios who are best known for their work on the MX vs ATV series, or if your a little older like me, you might remember them from the Motorcross Madness series for PC and it was also published by the new defunct THQ. Deadly Creatures promised a gaming experience like nobody have ever seen, the idea of exploring your environment as a tarantula or a scorpion is something, at least to my knowledge, had never been done before, and with the Wii being flooded with shovel ware it really stood up as a unique experience before its release. That was almost 6 years ago now tho, so how does it feel going back to the game now?

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  1. An interesting idea but I kinda feel like it doesn't go far enough, like maybe have an ant playable character with a sorta Pikmin squad based combat, or a wasp for aerial combat, but then again that probably would have broke the bank for them. I just find two different playable characters odd. If they were just pallet swaps like Mario and Luigi or Olimar and Louie I wouldn't have feel that need for more, but two characters with distinct play styles? It just kinda feels like it isn't enough. Plus with that name you'd expect it to showcase more of the animal kingdom, plus you could have a wicked vs mode with all sorts of badass little creatures.

  2. Great review man! Love your videos! Wish you the best of luck with your channel, and hope you get the recognition you deserve.

  3. So good video overall, but I think that you might want to take a look at the first half of the video in comparison to the second half. I feel like the first half has a lot of claims and opinions in it, but you don't really go into detail about a lot of it. In other words, a lot of it feels very broad and general. The second half of the video is very specific in its criticisms, and it has plenty of evidence to back all of it up. It makes the second half very dense in content, and I like that.

    I get the feeling that the first half of the video feels somewhat lacking because you were trying to add more of a personal touch to the video. That's certainly not a bad thing, but just make sure that you aren't compromising what you already had going for yourself. For example, in your Red Steel review, you did a really good job making sure that every second of that video was packed with things to be said, and it really focused in on the "review" aspect. There wasn't any "fluff" so to speak, and you were direct and to the point. The first half of this video doesn't feel that way.

    It's still an excellent video though! You said that you're still new to making reviews, but you also seem to know what you're doing. It's obvious that you've looked at what works and what doesn't for other people, and you've done a good job of establishing a style for yourself. I look forward to what you put out in the future!

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