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Tales of The Abyss (PS2/ 3DS) – GEEKS CLASSIC REVIEWS


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In the first of many classic reviews by Kyle, we look back to the forgotten gem which is Tales of The Abyss. This interesting little JRPG comes to us from Namco, but is it worth 30 of your precious hours? Let Kyle give you the run down!

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  1. have to say your voice is quite quiet compared to the intro which makes it hard to hear what your actually saying, also there was a few seconds of silence at the start which was a little weird. Other than that id say it was a good informative review

  2. Would you recommend this game to be played on a original launch fat PS3? Do you know if it will be re-made for the PS3?  Thanks for this video and review.

  3. Been playing the 3DS version recently. Haven't finished it yet, but I do like the game quite a bit so far. Looks good and most of the writing is reasonably good. They throw a lot at you rather quickly, though, and it's hard to keep track of what's going on some times.

  4. Great review!
    Just a note Capacity cores don't really apply their attributes until you've leveled up with them equipped. For example I had one equipped to guy for the majority of my play through and it added agility +. Eventually I was blitzing across the field during battle. Again playing around with capacity cores does make the game more entertaining in New Game+.

    Personally I will always love the Ps2 version for the fact that it had 4 player co-op which made the game feel like a proper tales title. Play on Unknown. Now the game becomes truly amazing then! Try Fighting Nebilim you'll cry and yell for triumph if you beat her.

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