Home Car Review Talking Cars and trucks with Consumer Experiences #one zero one: Buick Cascada, SUV issues

Talking Cars and trucks with Consumer Experiences #one zero one: Buick Cascada, SUV issues


The Buick Cascada fills a hole in the affordable convertible marketplace, furnishing a effectively-completed open-air cruiser that isn’t special to generate. We then go over whether SUVs will go out of fashion, enable viewers opt for amid luxury and sensible SUVs, and make clear why the Toyota Yaris scores low.

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  1. Question: I am looking at Subaru Forester 2011 and Outback 2013 (both 5 spds) and wondered…what is the real difference. Is there anything the Outback does better?

  2. need your help in deciding on a roadster. the MX-5 is the clear choice, but at my age, comfy seats and some storage space is needed for the long weekend drives from LA to SF. also wished for blind spot and auto braking for safety as well as a rear camera for times with the roof up. is there another choice worth the additional costs? the TT and the 2+2's seem to creep up costs to the equivalent of two Miatas and I'm wondering if it's worth it or if I should retrofit it with aftermarket products instead.

  3. The Yaris is an excellent transpiration tool. That 4 speed auto is almost indestructible even with poor maintenance. The Yaris with its low power and 4 speed auto is still a 35 mpg car. The Yaris is a painful way to do 300,000 miles. It will go 300,000 miles with just fluid changes.

    The Yaris IA will drive and handle 3 times better than the current car…….NO WAY it makes it to 300,000 trouble free miles. Even 250,000 miles would be pushing it. That 6 speed auto better be flushed every 40,000 miles if you even want to make it to 200,000 miles. For the person that just needs a car for a few years 100,000 miles I A all the way. If you need a car that will start every day for 15 years 300,000 miles the current Yaris is hard to top.

  4. The English guy should go with the H6 Outback. The Outback has a ton of room a smooth ride, good reliability and excellent re-sale value. If mileage is a concern the standard 4 will go 30 mpg with 4 people in the car. It is slow but has plenty of torque for normal driving.

  5. 21:30. Dude on the right. Who care if it has a 4-speed automatic??? Harping on a car for what it has rather than what it does is silly. The tesla has a 1-speed automatic and it smoked every other car CR has ever tested. Nissan Sentras have infinite-speed automatica (cvt) and it one of your lowest rated. Dragsters have 3-speed automatics and those things aren't hampered by that. If ur going to be critical of a car, which ushould, then bring substance, not neutered facts.

  6. For the individual looking at the comfortable riding small SUV, what about a CANADIAN-built RAV4? If you go for the XLE in Canada (which for 2017 is around $33,000 CAD), you get heated seats, power driver's seat w/Lumbar, power tailgate and sunroof, auto lamp system (all of which you don't have on the US market XLEs) as well as all the Toyota Safety Sense features that for '17 are now standard. Plus top notch safety ratings and reliability (from CR's data), the large dealership network, and the fact it rides better and is quieter now. Its not too fun to drive, but it does the daily grind well, you really can't go wrong! 🙂

  7. Hey guys – we own one of these and despite all the 'car guys' reviews we read well in advance, this is a fun top down car. For the very same reasons people ride motorcycles, we're out in the open day and night and it is a great fun feeling. Put an Android phone on the dash and ignore the Buick infotainment – which completely sucks. The auto-adjusting seats, seat belt presentation arms, climate control, articulating headlights, lane departure warning, collision warning are all great features at this price range. While the car obviously isn't popular (we've yet to see another one on the road) we often get pulled over by people excited by the looks and get thumbs up everywhere, top up or down. Yeah, we even get, "that's a Buick" comments too. Forget your white knuckle driving and pushing the edge on a road course. This is a great cruiser and what it has over 99% of the vehicles on the road is a great quick insulated top, up or down, in about 20 seconds at speeds close to 20mpg. We're having a blast and the only regret is that damned infotainment/navigation system. What were they thinking? ; )

  8. that's where CR confuses me. I thought you guys were about reliability and useability. The Q7 and XC90 are great cars but the question sounds like the person is trying to BUY the car, not lease it. The Land Cruiser does everything the other two do better, with a mileage penalty sure, and will do it loooonnnggg after those cars get to the scrap heap. that's what I think the submitted was getting at.

  9. Regarding new car tests, CR often makes reference to the 2,000 break-in miles that you put on the cars before running them through their paces in official tests. There is a lot of debate and misinformation or outdated information out there about how to properly break-in a modern car. I'd love to have Consumer Reports' take on that topic. Thanks!

  10. Thank you for answering my question. Test rode all three vehicles, XC90 rode hard over bumps. Q7 was stellar and Land Cruiser was quite comfortable. Toyota dealerships discounting it about $8,000. Haven't made a selection yet, thank you for your guidance.

  11. Not a single Cascada to be found in our rental fleet in Houston. Sorry, we don't use them either. Heck, I'd buy a Ford Flex to use as an enclosed truck bed I can access from the front. I"m not married there are no kids. Black out the windows and I can store whatever I want in a Flex.

  12. I recently purchased a 2014 Audi A6 TDI because with the ongoing diesel scandal they are presently a relative bargain in the marketplace and I am hoping that they will be much easier for VW’s engineers to bring into compliance than the 2011 Golf TDI that it will be replacing.  (Sorry Tom I couldn’t afford an A7, and mine came with the tan not brown interior.)  It is a Prestige trim car that has all of the newer and more advanced safety equipment optioned on it (lane watch assist, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, etc.), but when I went to go add it to my insurance policy I was told that in my state (Georgia) insurers are not allowed to offer discounts for those features by two different insurance companies; one representative (from CR’s well reviewed Amica) expressed surprise over this and went on to say that the option boxes that she would normally be able to check were greyed out.

    So with that in mind could you tell me if that is actually true, if so why that is the case, and provide me with details as to whom I need to write or call to see this legislation changed?  I know that is a bit outside of the normal purview of this show, but given how important CR seems to view such features and the fact that they actively help to prevent accidents that insurers would otherwise have to pay to repair: I thought it was a consumer issue that needed to be addressed.  Secondarily I would be curious to know how many states have such policies.

  13. I'm part of the anti-SUV/crossover crowd who laments the lack of station wagons on the market. Even the ones that are, aren't "real" station wagons anymore because they've been lifted to be more SUV-like (the Outback, Alltrack, etc.), but they're better than nothing. I think the manufacturers are to blame to some extent, since they don't even offer a choice, but I guess ultimately consumers don't care so much for fuel economy. (A midsize SUV, which is effectively the same size as a theoretical midsize wagon, does NOT get as good fuel economy.) I can't understand anyone who thinks SUV's/crossovers look better than sedans or wagons. The only makers who offer wagons now are European or, well, Subaru, so I guess I'm stuck with Subaru.

  14. the minivans have too low of a ride height for heavy winter driving and only the Toyota Sienna offers awd. Not very good for a daily commuter for a lot of the country.

  15. I wish someone at CU would define the word "fashionable" to me. What parameters are you using when you decide which cars look good and which are ugly. There are hardly any cars being built that don't look like huge vacuum cleaner or something Darth Vader might drive. Although it's true that much of the auto designs are a result of federal mandates new car styling is dictated by marketing people who employ planned obsolescence to ensure your 5 year old car is out of touch with current styling. Reliability and practicality have no place in this discussion. Now you are cursed with expensive toys which are no longer options but part of the vehicle price…and now your car can report to anyone with the necessary equipment exactly where you are at any given time, compliments of your bank account

  16. Hey CR! Thanks so much for spending all the time on my question. I just finished my car search and you guys were super helpful.

    Regarding Tom's recommendation, I looked at the BMW 320i xDrive which has a big trunk and folding rear seat (costs extra!). The car drove great, but there was a surprising amount of wind noise, the engine sounded coarse, and the interior seemed low-rent. Lightly used CPO 320i's seem to be surprisingly good values. It was a strong contender. I checked out the Subaru Forester (too basic, too slow) and 2017 Impreza (NVH is not significantly improved, despite claims by the press, also seats were uncomfortable). Didn't look at the Outback 3.6 – just felt too expensive, and a little too big. I also looked at the 2017 CR-V (infotainment was bad, NVH mediocre, fake leather on dashboard with fake stitching surrounded by fake wood was awful).

    So… I finally found the perfect car for me. 2016 lightly used Volvo V60 T5 AWD! It was just under $31k with 4,000 miles on it. Reportedly good reliability. 29 MPG highway on regular gas is solid, although not mind blowing. Incredible highway comfort. Plenty of space for bikes. Gorgeous inside and out. I'm a happy camper.

    Keep up the great work.

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