Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #104: Subaru Impreza

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #104: Subaru Impreza


The Subaru Impreza is redesigned for 2017. We discuss the car’s all-new platform and new levels of refinement. We also answer questions on the Chevy Bolt, vehicle reliability, and Mazda Miata alternatives.

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  1. Having originally been on the side of the Consumer Reports discussion here, i have to say the Mazda 6 really surprised me. Took it for a test drive and its an excellent car at an amazing price point. Found one @ 27k that out performed every competitor in terms of 27k for a "sporty" feeling sedan. Having driven Subaru, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and Honda's offering, nothing even comes close.

  2. OK, Nice job. One sore point. Control of volume levels. Or, lack thereof. GET an audio leveler. I don't like being blasted out of my seat every few sentences. Or waking up the dead in the middle of the night when I do most of my listening.

  3. Lots of useful information but the critical bits hide all over the space of 23 min. Can you give an executive summary to the benefit of those who only want to spend 5 min watching this lengthy discussion? – Otherwise' no doubt C-R has ample experience and are not afraid to voice their opinion – working for the 'people' and not car manufacturers. Thanks.

  4. I'm trying to like the Impreza.. I am, especially as a Subie person. I love the style, I love the new interior and head unit, I love the Sport trim, but I can get a Legacy 2.5 limited with the same equipment(minus the updated head unit) for the same price with a little haggling, (Okay no real haggling…)and get a bigger car, bigger trunk, full size spare, HID Headlights, and have it be just as safe, save for passenger side small overlap.

  5. If CVTs are so awful why are they used? I am all for going green but come one for an extra mile or two ?
    Why not use a 6 speed automatic? Of course no one should end up with a lousy transmission such as
    the infamous F/C 9 speed disaster.

  6. 29k for a fully loaded Impreza is way way way to much. This car should tap out at 24k. What they need to do is bring back the 2.5 rs trim to compete with the Honda SI and GTI. We need the rally blue/gold rims back Subaru!!!

  7. Idk if I should buy this hatchback or civic hatch. Both top trim models. Which has the better ride, luxury features and tech? I'm split between the 2

  8. When will Subaru build an electric car?
    The future is electric. Those that don't commit will be left behind.

  9. Which is more upscale interior and drives better (More refined)? Mazda3 hatch or impreza hatch? Also Idk about price

  10. at 10.16 the guy mentioned the imprezza as a sollution to a family that cant find a small SUV they like – that is us! just bought one. found it was better and cheaper than kia sportage etc and had just as much back seat and boot space – why not! plus more safer. just bought today after looking at SUVs for a month

    we paid NZD$29,999 for the hatch standard level. (1 NZD = 72 US cents)

  11. Is the manual transmission top gear (5th?) still much shorter with higher engine RPM and fuel consumption than the final ratio in the CVT? If so, why?

    I know that was a complaint of the previous Impreza/Crosstrek. Also do you know when and how much the new Crosstrek will be? Thanks.

  12. Whats weird is the Australian market for the new impreza doesn't show a badge saying sport but exterior look can tell its a sport model, wonder why the American market would show a sport badge compared to the Aus market

  13. I heard some basics about the Impreza and it was interesting, but I would like to know more about how the Impreza rates regarding acceleration and braking. For example, does the Impreza make it easy to merge onto the Interstate or is a problem? The blind spot detector and good visibility sound like a plus, but how much of a problem is acceleration? What are the measurements for 0 to 60 in seconds and what does it take to go from 60 to 0 in feet?

  14. I think the reason why subaru sales are going up is bc of safety. gmc and Toyotas recall makes its hard for a parent to put their child in their car.

  15. too expensive for what it is.
    Hyundai I30 offers better value for money and better build.

  16. I get so confused about the Civic's reliability. Online, Consumer Reports states the Honda Civic does NOT have great expected reliability. In another consumer online video, they found the Civic one of their "top cars" citing excellent reliability. Here you guys again mention less than wonderful reliability in the Civic. I am confused and wish Consumer Reports would get some consistency on their reliability ratings.

  17. I've got a fully loaded impreza at 29 000 canadian with winter tired included, that would cost more than 35k for a forester. The base model of a Impreza is 21k. 22-23k for a CVT hatch.

  18. I saw a good YouTube video on the effectiveness of Eye Sight for automatic braking. I sure hope they make it standard across the entire line soon (from base to luxo).

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