Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #24: Jeep Cherokee and Mazda3 | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #24: Jeep Cherokee and Mazda3 | Consumer Reports


Long-awaited test results are finally in for the Jeep Cherokee and Mazda3. While the Cherokee is ultimately disappointing, labeled as “not done yet,” the Mazda3 proves to be impressive. We also talk about the new Toyota Highlander and the most expensive test car we’ve ever bought, the Mercedes-Benz S550. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org
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  1. The only reason I watched a Consumer Reports review of this car is because it is the only one left I haven't seen. The "hate American cars" reputation comes from years of negative bias in the past going back over 20 years, and yes, it's of Italian parentage, but with a Jeep design from Jeep engineers. So, let's see…22mpg overall? You're the only ones that think so. Simple radio? Are you serious? That's important? Slow? It's a Jeep, folks, Heavy, sturdy, and in my version, the Trailhawk, I'm not racing anybody…and I don't care. It's quick enough. I can option down the Trailhawk to about $32k. Start with the very basic version and add…almost nothing. I get a locker, skid plates and an inch of lift standard, and I'm done. Not even the $170 black decal on the hood. Buy off the lot and the dealer will option you into the stratosphere, but I plan to order mine to make it affordable. My wife loves the design and I get a real Jeep. I didn't really think you could add anything of substance to what is already out there, and I was right.  

  2. 15:0115:30

    Biggest pile of bullshit that I have ever heard. How about you  just accept the idea of Hondas being Hondas, Subarus being Subarus, etc., instead of wishing for all cars to be melded-together, indistinguishable frankenstiens with jumbles of parts from every manufacturer on the planet.

  3. They make their point that they hate American (middle class affordable) cars when they switch to Mercedes S class at $114K (bragging is sickening).  Egotistical spoiled brats (check the body language). Try getting a Mercedes repaired on a budget, DUDES.

  4. By the way, ease of access and electronics are most important to baby-boomers like myself (all the ones I know have dismissed CR as a source). Nothing under $40K equals the Cherokee for electronics, not the Subaru (no BLIS) or the Escape, CRV, etc. (no forward/lane assistance -I drive these types as rentals in Alaska every month). Just a note from a "regular" person.

  5. Last year my wife and I drove our 2012 Outback (2.5i Limited, same gen as 2010) from Northern VA to NH for vacation and my 90 year old grandmother came back with us, we dropped her off at home in NJ.

    She loved riding in the Outback. 

    Outback wins.

  6. 271 horsepower,  9-speed transmission and built like a tank. Comparing it to the glorified cars, aka most other SUV's, is silly. 

  7. Totally unfair to the Jeep. They whine so much about the "lights off" switch in the Toyota. Are you serious? I have both internet and magazine subscription with these guys, I trusted their word, but now that I see them in person how spoiled they are and biased I might decide to look elsewhere for car reviews. The Jeep looks great, totally reinvented, yeah it's heavy and the small engine is underpowered but it has off-road capabilities like no other SUV in it's class. When you buy a Jeep, you know what you want. For the rest of the grocery shopper moms, Toyota's fine. (BTW, I own both a RAV4 and a Jeep, so I know, ok? I know.)

  8. They came so close when they were talking about Mazda separating  from Ford, but didn't go far enough  when it comes to the news  that Mazda is  moving their production of the 3 to Mexico. I would have liked to hear their opinion on what they think about buying the later 2014 3's that is no longer built in Japan.

  9. I wonder on these autonomous cars like the Merc how long will that feature function and how many headaches  that will cause as the car ages. Even the infotainment systems with the touch screens,how long will that function and what happens to your sound system when it fails? Technology is fantastic, but does that make these products even more "throw away" than previous vehicles?

  10. you guys are on crack! the infotainment in 3 is awesome! when compared to the Mercedes it is king of the hill!

  11. Bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited V6 and I'm averaging 25 mpg,which is the same as my 2013 FWD Nissan Rouge I traded for my jeep. I've put 8000 miles on it so far. The transmission has improved the more I drive the car. I feel like the problems of the 2014 have been smoothed out,plus most all the negatives I have read involved the 4 cylinder engine. I think by 2016 that engine will only be available in base and fleet models. Happy with the Jeep so far.

  12. I did my due diligence which included a careful CR review of the 2015 car issue plus this episode and just bought a Mazda 3 i Touring sedan. Test drive even of the i Sport nailed it. Had my Ford Focus for many years and was very happy with reliability, but what I read the Mazda 3 just blew the 2015 Focus away. I will check back in 10 years and see what I think, but I am happy today with my purchase. Thanks guys & CR!

  13. I bought a 2015 mazda 3 and having had the vehicle for one month I can tell you it drives nice , gets great fuel economy but…the infotainment centre is a total nightmare . With the optional Navigation card the system crashes , freezes and now has managed to destroy 2 of my USB sticks . This vehicle is in it's 3rd year of production and mazda has been unable to fix these issues with multiple updates . If I could , I would tear it out and install an after marked stereo . This in unfortuneately not possible as it is an integral part of the vehicle . I wish someone had told me about these issues prior to purchasing this vehicle as I would never have bought it .

  14. How much more would it cost Mazda to make the car quieter? Or how much more would it cost the customer? I think a quieter car would put them at the top of their segment.

  15. We own a Highlander Limited and absolutely adore it. Cushy , compliant and quiet ride, amazing JBL audio system, and very reliable. Fluids, tires and brakes. Is it boring? of course it is. What owner would like his family stuck in some seedy side of town with a breakdown? Not me.

  16. With the software updates, the 9-Speed has become … okay 🙂 I drove a 2015 Grand Cherokee and HATED the tranny, but my '14 Cherokee Trailhawk's 9-Speed feels much better! My Trailhawk recently had it's tranny updated but not sure if the '15 Grand was updated or not. All in All, I LOVE my Trailhawk. LOVE!

  17. The engineers at Chrysler and Jeep should be shot in the head for their incompetence. FCA worst vehicle manufacturer in America.

  18. DRL off argument? Are you kidding me? I loathe all these new "safety" features that will push humans out of cars soon. And you are complaining they make it too easy to turn off. STFU PLEASE!!!!

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