Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #29: Toyota Highlander and SUV crash tests | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #29: Toyota Highlander and SUV crash tests | Consumer Reports


Test results are in for the Toyota Highlander, both in Consumer Reports tests and crash tests done by IIHS. Some midsized SUVs did poorly in the crash test, causing them to lose their recommendation. We also talk about the new Chrysler 200 and Tom rants about Jimmy Fallon’s pickup truck choice.

As with the other shows, this episode will also be available through the iTunes store and SoundCloud.

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  1. Good rant Tom, I liked that you briefly crossed over to the TV/entertainment side for that subject.  I am a Jimmy Fallon fan, but his truck segment screamed ADVERTISEMENT.  As for this episode of Talking Trucks, well, I'm looking forward to the next episode and hearing about more "Cars".  Thanks guys!

  2. Tom am I the only one who thinks the Chrysler 200 is an imitation krabs of a Volkswagen cc?

  3. I also don't trust toyota. Yes they are reliable but the cut cost on materials have poorly built interiors and old transmission and no new engine technology like GDi plus they are wayyyy to expensive. They are living off their reputation

  4. I agree with the rant. Jimmy fallons ford truck was a huge publicity stunt and they dont even sell it yet

  5. And you guys say you aren't biased, you did not say one single word about the Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain, which scored higher in the new test than the Highlander. It proves that CR loves Toyota.

  6. "4 Cylinder never been competitive" … really? it gets 25city and 36HWY!!! EPA rated higher than Chrysler's Estimates!!!!

  7. Can I just say how impressive it is that a car that was introduced in 2007 (the XC70 is based off the S80, which arrived for 2007 a year before the XC70) STILL does well in tests it wasn't designed for. It really is a shame that Volvo does not have a way to effectively market this. 

  8. I'll give the video a thumbs up, mostly because I really enjoy these segments.  But the "rant" I can do without.  Yeah, I get your point about the F-150 basically being "vaporware" at this point, but I'm not sure it warrants a rant.  Just mention the point and discuss it, which you did anyway.  Your "one minute" rant became a two minute discussion.  You came across as more "anti-Fallon" or "anti-Ford" than anything else.  Keep the discussion to what you folks are good at.

  9. Tom, ask Gabe to do rants. You're way too nerdy to take your rants seriously, and I mean it in a nice way.

  10. Gabe should have an "I" added to his job title to make him "Sir Automotive Engineer". Much better and then you could have endearing nicknames. Sir Gabe and Doubting Thomas.

  11. Can you guys get a Dodge Ram with the smaller diesel?  I am very interested in that vehicle for work use and am concerned with the reliability of the new engine.  Thanks for the CR vlogs.

  12. Jake, I agree with you regarding the MR2 and its fun factor. My brother bought a new one in 1986 and boy was it a hoot to drive. However, my other brother had bought a new '85 Corolla GT-S the year before, which I've owned since '98. And let me tell you, with the same engine and better gearing, it too is a very fun Toyota. Although mine is mildly modified with original TRD/HKS parts (before they got into 4X4 accesories), it's still fun to drive at slow speeds.

  13. Auto Journalists are so full of themselves. Just because you guys (Consumer Report) didn't conduct any tests on a product… the product is non existent? C'Mon now. Get a grip.

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