Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #5: Tesla Model S | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #5: Tesla Model S | Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports car experts discuss their much-anticipated test of the Tesla Model S. Find out how well the innovative electric luxury hatchback did, along with a frank discussion of the car’s pros and cons.
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  1. as normal technology improvement goes, by 2016 the battery maybe last a 350 mile drive. By 2020, we may see it hitting 500 mile

  2. Wish the front looked a bit better, since it doesnt have a radiator doesn't require a grill, perhaps something more creative.

  3. It feels so refreshing to see three men sit down and talk sense about cars as an experience of, not mainly driving, but owning and what has improved on this car compared to other equivalent models.
    In so many other youtube videos I see "POWERRR!!" and "LET'S COMPARE 0-60 TIMES!!" which I don't believe the main purpose of the Model S is.

    I think the main purpose of the Model S is to change the way of the car as we see it today and, from my point of view, they seem to have done it pretty well.

  4. well its $10 here in pa and free in supercharging stations. so 200 mile for 10$ or 20 miles per dollar compared to gas which is like 7 miles per dollar ( im using my corrola as the comparison)

  5. I loved my old 80s liftback. I've never understood why they've mostly gone away, except for vertical hatches like SUVs and Minivans and other rectangular vehicles. I've never understood why the automakers stopped making them. I found them to be very functional, especially with the back seats down. I don't think it's true that people don't want them. I think the automakers didn't want to make them for reasons of their own.

  6. they are going to start a battery swap station so when that happens your never ever have to worry about getting a new battery because its replaced with a good battery every time for less than filling your car with gas

  7. "What is so amazing about this car"?? Hmmm… Never mind. Get yourself a nice BIG Puzzle & put it together… Have fun!!!

  8. You can count the moving parts of this car on your two hands. The electric motor is almost frictionless and proven over the last 100+ years to be the most durable/reliable of all drive systems. It's almost all aluminum construction, hence no rust. I would venture, one could have this car for a lifetime and leave it to your kids.

  9. It is the car of the future
    In some years most cars are going 2 be like these
    They ll be cheaper !
    Remember the first computers !

  10. Quiet? A car has to make noise because peds think they can walk anywhere without looking. Joggers are worse because they always run on the road, even in the snow. Fegitabout the blind.

  11. Sometimes somethings can't be helped.The new NYC mayor. Mr. Ped Safety above all was seen walking against a ped light while talking on a cell and followed by two NYC cops who each make $140k.

  12. The Tesla P85D is a really nice car..but 250 miles is about it on a full charge…that sucks!!..not to mention 100 large price tag…

  13. How about recharging electric cars by the means of a ram air induction
    alternator turbines as there driving… eliminating charging stations

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