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Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #59: 2015 Detroit Auto Show | Consumer Reports


We cover all the news from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show floor! High-performance was a theme, whether it’s supercars like the Acura NSX and Ford GT, or off-road-oriented trucks like the Ford Raptor and Ram Rebel. Diesel pickups also build up speed, with a fuel-efficient version of the Ram EcoDiesel and the new Nissan Titan XD. A revised Toyota Tacoma suggests new life in the small truck market, and Hyundai shows their Santa Cruz small truck concept. Buick has a strong show, with the stunning Avenir and the Cascada ragtop. Turns out our predictions for North American Car/Truck of the Year were half right, with the Ford F-150 taking the prize for trucks, but the VW Golf topping the Mustang among cars. We also look at new stuff from Volvo, Infiniti, and Lincoln.

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  1. I'm surprised the Chinese Volvo isn't a bigger deal. There is no other brand that could make Chinese build quality acceptable in the US. With all the factories and market focus, wouldn't every automaker have something to gain from Chinese imports without the stigmas? Doesn't this potential give a huge advantage to Volvo since none of the Germans would be able to get away with Chinese built cars in the US, nor the Koreans since they are still fighting against quality issues. In fact, only Buick could really copy this tactic without internet riots. The less a vehicle costs to make, the more you can undercut the competition right?

  2. The Ford GT… has morphed beyond "carhood"… it is now ARTwork!  I could sit and simply LOOK at that thing and get 'high' – it is, quite simply, beautiful.

  3. Hope diesel gets more common in the near future and draws the price down. Diesel price is much less flexible than gasoline in the past months. Here in Texas, diesel is 60% more than regular and 30% over premium. Before the crash of oil price, they are 20% and 10%. Just too hard to adjust the fuel cost even with better mileage.

  4. I don't understand why people are always dismissive of #Lincoln. Even if the #MKC was an expected arrival, I personally think it is still a nice looking vehicle, along with all off the rest of the current line up. I think they are on par with other entry level luxury automakers if not better (minus the last gen MyLincolnTouch). I guess I'll just sit back and keep hoping for a really compelling new flagship (that pays homage to the '60's Continental perhaps), because that's the only way that I think some people will be able to respect the brand and give them their just due.

  5. even if consumer reports thinks santa cruz won't be successful  in the u.s  hyundai  should  still  build  it  because  humanity  needs  that  truck for all the right reasons <3

  6. Great video. Would be interested to know how the team thinks the Buick Avenir design can be created and not steal from Caddie?

  7. Electric vehicle sales are still going strong, despite lower gas prices. Tesla is doing great things, but of the 700,000 plug-in vehicles sold worldwide since 2011 only 8% of them are Teslas. People are buying electric cars for reasons other than just savings at the pump.

  8. +Consumer Reports You guys should do a blog about if the V8 engine will die off in the next ten years with CAFE standards or become very very fuel efficient. Or have it a the top top trim on vehicles.

  9. Interesting how the top 10 cars earlier were mostly picked on handling while here the GT was picked probably only on its looks since no one has driven one yet. Bit weird to dismiss the NSX only due to the delay due to the tsunami and also no has driven it yet. Clearly we all are subjective including CR reviewers:-).

    Fully agree with meat & potatoes missing. I expected perhaps new Honda Pilot or some unexpected new crossover / sedan model. The Chevy Volt might move closer to that category as pricing would go lower and looks are more mainstream now.

  10. Smug white guys talk about a car 1%ers will buy. Let's talk about the RS of we are talking about cars people want.

  11. That Nissan Titan is disgusting. I have no idea how they let that thing into the Detroit auto show for the world to see! It looks like the front got attacked by bees and didn't have enough time for the swelling to go down.

  12. buick keeping it under the wraps…hmmm or perhaps the right thing to say is that no one gave a thought.  better yet i dont think anyone cared.

  13. I'd buy a Bolt.  Not for 35 Gs but definitely before I buy a Tesla.  P.S.: Tesla is a niche vehicle for the well to do.

  14. The Q60 Concept is a great looking car and definitely brings dynamic styling to the party.  Infiniti is also bringing new engines – a twin turbo V-6 and turbo 4.  Hopefully, they will sort out the steering and bring back some of the road feel.

  15. Driving electric is still cheaper per mile than driving gas, even with this temporary dip in gas prices. Emphasis: temporary. Gasoline prices fluctuate wildly, while electric prices have been stable for years. You have to be pretty shortsighted to say "no reason to buy electric". Nobody has any reason to buy a sports car that costs several hundred thousand and runs on the world's most volatile fuel. The main issue with electric cars is that a box with wheels is not attractive.

  16. Oil will be here until the end of time of the earth. Right now gas is so plentiful, it makes it difficult to open the Keystone pipeline from Canada. If oil goes up, it's because of manipulation in price per barrel.

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