Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #63: Ford Edge, Lexus NX | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #63: Ford Edge, Lexus NX | Consumer Reports


The magic number for this episode is “two.” We look at two new two-row SUVs, the Ford Edge and Lexus NX, both powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinders. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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While the Lexus tries to be sporty (with some success), the 2015 Edge winds up being the better “Lexus,” thanks to a redesign that transforms the car. Normally Toyota does hybrids well, but the hybrid NX300h isn’t as fulfilling as the turbocharged NX200t. Viewer feedback ran deep from our annual Top Picks episode, asking about the lack of a sports car pick and our small car choice. Finally, we talk about the possibility of buying a Tesla Model S P85D.

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  1. I appreciate your comments on the new 2015 Edge.  We owned an '08 and an '011 Limited.  Mechanically, both were very solid vehicles; the '08 was very pleasant to drive but a bit noisy.  The '011 drove better and quieter, but I unloaded it after 2.5 years because, despite 4 software updates, MyFordTouch just drove us crazy.

    I would be very interested in a comparison between the 2015 Edge Limited 2.0 Ecoboost and the new 2015 Nissan Murano Platinum.  Similar sized, similar priced.

  2. Good call on NX Gabe. Definitely feels a little less solid than the German competitors. I wanted to like it, but feels like a Rav4 when closing doors

  3. The Mazda 6 seems like the perfect car: Reliability, driving experience, regular gas, functionality, materials.  Can you please spend some time talking about it especially since it starts around $22,000  Thank you

  4. I don't care how great they think the Impala is, or the Regal, after what GM did by ignoring people being killed – and they knew about it – I will NEVER buy a car from that company.

  5. My problem with Ford SUVs is they've seemed to cram them all into a fairly narrow price range.  You could walk into a Ford Dealer with 40gs and walk out with anything from an Escape to an Expedition and that Edge, Flex, Explorer jumble.  What's the point?  It hearkens back to the old GM policy of making one vehicle with 4 different badges.  Do three: A small SUV a midsize and a Family hauler.  

  6. can you make an episode about German SUV? which is better in snow? which in better for the pocket (fuel reg. or premium, mpg, buy parts/self-repair)? 

  7. I JUST found out Consumer Reports HAD a Youtube channel, and let me tell you, it is exactly how I imagined it would be. I'm not one of those "HP all day" bros who needs to see the Hellcat do powerslides, but this just a bunch of stodgy mid-management types praising kitchen appliances with wheels. The Legacy better than the Accord? You guys can't believe that. The Golf over the Mazda3, at 25k? It's like car advice from Bill Lumbergh, only at least he had a pretty sweet car. Keep up the good work, as the data you have is great, and I am sure some need the advice. However, I'll stick to reading CR if I need help picking out a washing/dryer.

  8. If you guys weren't paying attention, Lexus has become the new exciting Japanese Luxury brand.  Its like it switched places with Acura and even moved ahead of Infiniti.  Acura now just makes boring cars like Lexus used to, and Infiniti doesn't quite have the wild attitude it used to have.  Lexus is now trying to appeal to the grow'd up JDM crowd, rather than the blue-haired golfer crowd.

  9. Motor Trend just judged the Lexus NX best in class, ahead of the X3 and others

  10. I'm thinking of buying a small SUV for the first time due to some very occasional light off road driving that I have to do for my job and for better winter driving and I'm wondering what SUV would be the cheapest for me between savings due to low purchase price, savings on repairs due to good reliability, and savings at the pump due to good fuel economy. From what I've been able to look up my choices seem to be the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, the regular Crosstrek, the Subaru Forester, and the Mazda CX-5. Am I missing one?

  11. My aunt has an RX and she is an avid traveler, so I often drive her 2013 RX. Even though it's not an F Sport model, the ride is much too stiff for a Lexus. The RX is no longer soft as it used to be, even though I haven't driven the NX, I feel that they both should be pretty similar. 

  12. Lexus threw this shit off to America depending on Lexus's reputation of luxury and reliability. Unfortunately, this car is shit and is never luxurious.

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