Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #7: Tesla Battery Swap, Diesels, and Recent Tests

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #7: Tesla Battery Swap, Diesels, and Recent Tests


Consumer Reports’ car experts discuss Tesla battery swapping and diesel economics. Recent test results are also featured, including the Acura RLX, Honda Crosstour, Toyota Prius Plug-in, Jaguar XF, and Buick Encore.

As with the other shows, this episode will also be available through the iTunes store and SoundCloud.

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  1. Change the word BATTERY to WIFE in this conversation and suddenly it becomes hilarious 🙂

  2. 4:12 – Going off topic there
    4:15 – WAY too off topic
    4:19 (4:23) – STILL way too off topic
    4:26 – Finally back on track

  3. Hey Can we talk about some techniques in new car buying? It's better to make a in-action video… off course hide the camera and go to dealership.. let people who first time buy a new car to know what those sales person do….

    How to avoid those dirty stuff to get a best price!?

    —-A guy who just bought a new car…

  4. Honda could make only Accords, Civics, CRV's, Pilots, and Odysseys and be just fine.

  5. accord wagon, on point, better yet civic wagon….. radio controls, on point,… My 06 civic is great, it has 1 knob for volume, 1 knob for stations, but when I get a new car will i have to go though 5 screens to change volume/station…… On their point of making cars not compete with each other and making a bad car ( honda crosstour/ pruius plugin) I think thats exactly what is going on…… see not one wants this so……

  6. Don't matter how good the tesla is, it doesn't give me the peace of mind that a gasoline car would. Plus if I had $70k to spend on a car, last car I would buy is a EV. I could get a loaded diesel pickup trucks, luxury executive cars like 5-series, sports cars like the M3, SLK, Corvette. So many options.

  7. The conspiracy theory about the Crosstour holds true for the aging Scion xB. The car is great and practical, so they crippled it with a 4-speed transmission.

  8. Hey guys you are not correct on the tax rebate for diesels. When I bought my Mercedes Benz ML Diesel, I got a 900 tax credit. A buddy of mine bought a VW TDI and he also was able to get a tax credit for his vehicle.

  9. But, if nothing else, you have to give kudos to Tesla for constantly raising that bar, requiring the competition to step up and ultimately the consumer will reap the rewards..

  10. Like Brandon love the series!.Jake mentioned he drives the Tesla,what cars do you drive Tom/Gabe???????

  11. Good discussion, guys. Keep 'em coming!

    One thing about tax rebates; they are all about emissions. Only EVs and plug-in hybrids are capable of zero emissions. Diesels may be very fuel-efficient compared to gasoline, but they still spew toxic fumes out the tailpipe and thus should not qualify for tax credits.

    Good point about the reserved parking spots. It's unusual to find one so vague. It's typically "EV-only" or something similar. There's definitely room to argue on the one you found.

  12. Tom at 9:10: "You know what really gets me about the RLX? The Chevy Impala kicks its ass!" Go get 'em Tom!

  13. Gets funnier if you change BATTERY to POOP. POOP swap. I'm ashamed that I still have a 3rd grade sense of humor at 36 years old. Poop… hahahaha.

  14. It is clear you don't know anything about the new Diesel engines. Diesel's are superior in fuel efficiency, torque, and longevity. I live in CA with the country's most stringent air quality standards and my MB diesel is on par with the gasoline engines. The old diesel engine were dirty, smelly, smokey and noisy but with the new diesel and low sulfur diesel fuel, it's a whole new ballgame. I am a HUGE diesel fan, now I know why they sell more diesel cars in Europe then they sell gas.

  15. Totally correct on Jetta TDI's, great frugal car – very few around and those that are are so pricey in Cali, buying new seems a better way to go! Only wish VW had better warranty; 3 years or 36 miles is not good compared with other car makes. Crazy diesel prices in Cali are not good, but using Apps finding good diesel price can help.

  16. If there is not a link for it you can download the video using Wondershare Free (the free version of a Youtube grabber) then covert to audio only using Flv Crunch.

  17. One point that might be worth taking up around diesels (from a Europeans perspective) are these blasted particle filters. In most diesel powered cars you'll have to swap them after about 100.000 miles and the price of this exchange can be quite expensive.

  18. Why not carry an extra fully-charged battery in the trunk for long trips? That way you won't have to look for a recharging station, and you can travel the back roads.

  19. "I think that you should get tax credits for buying diesel!"

    If diesels had the same low level of emissions that plug-in hybrids have, then maybe that would make sense, but the reality is to the contrary. The tax credits aren't just about fuel efficiency, they are also an incentive for people to buy LOW EMISSION vehicles. Diesels sold in the U.S. don't have particularly low emissions and need expensive aftertretment systems just to be in compliance with federal emissions standards and regulations. With that in mind, not getting tax credits/incentives for buying a diesel car is completely appropriate and is a policy that should remain in place if the federal government truly cares about the environment and climate change.

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