Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #70: Mazda MX-5 and CX-3; Honda Pilot | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #70: Mazda MX-5 and CX-3; Honda Pilot | Consumer Reports


A new Mazda MX-5 Miata doesn’t come along everyday, so the new 4th generation car is big news.
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While so many cars grow with each redesign, the Miata fights this inevitable bloat. Jake argues that the Miata’s biggest competition is the wide variety of used Miatas available at any time; Tom hopes that people keep buying new ones so he can get one used someday. Moving on, the CX-3 small SUV brings the Miata’s DNA to the subcompact SUV market, a segment that really lacked a truly desirable product. Finally, the Honda Pilot finally gets redesigned for 2016. While not immune from all of Honda’s recent product gaffes (like annoying audio controls), the Pilot proves appealing at first glance.

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  1. ive enjoyed these talking cars episodes since it began….. but this was the most boring episode ever…who the hell wants to hear about a lame mazda crossover and a refurbished miata….fell asleep….

  2. How does the CX-3 compare to the CX-5? Is it more fun to drive, and is it much smaller feeling on the inside?

  3. Jon L. You should follow CR detergent recommendations which claim a cold water wash is as effective as a hot water wash with the benefit of less shrinkage.

  4. I can't wait for the used 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 market. Until then, the used Honda S2000 is the best roadster and the best bargain in my opinion.

  5. "Too stupid to call it the Miata"? What a ridiculous statement, it should be called the MX-5 as it has always been everywhere except the US

  6. In response to Talking Cars Episode 46:
    I have owned a 2015 WRX for a little less than a month, purchased with 8 miles and have subsequently put 5000 miles on it as of today. Included in that mileage is two 800+ miles round trips through I95 traffic, the notoriously bad pavement of Harrisburg, and the PA mountains of Route 15. My daily drive to work is 70 miles through small towns. Subsequently I'd like to address a few comments from Episode 46 relating to it's everyday driving finesse.

    1. The suspension is composed, but definitely not painfully stiff as described. Even my wife who is midway through pregnancy finds the car easy to sleep in. Near my house is a railroad track that my 2012 Volt would crash over every time, but the WRX barely notices it. I've found the only time the suspension gets in the way is with a harmonic ripple in the road.
    2. The clutch's slip band is shorter than your average car though it is quite easy to operate in traffic. The amount of force required to operate the pedal feels just right, and the shorter slip band makes it very easy to rapidly change gears. Traffic does get old, but a low first gear allows you to idle at extremely slow speed.
    3. The turbo lag is to your advantage. My first car was a 1984 Mercedes 300SD, which had such a slow turbo driving off a stoplight felt like you were starting the engine first. The turbo lag in the WRX is just right to allow efficient driving everyday, but allows you to get out of trouble in a pinch.
    4. The STI short throw shifter took a few thousand miles to break in. It initially had extremely close tolerances for the gates, though now it is incredibly smooth.
    5. The steering is not hydraulic, but it is extremely precise. The car goes exactly where you want it to go, immediately upon request. I recently was driving on the highway, and had the vehicle in front of me shift lanes suddenly due to a crate in the middle of the lane. The WRX dodged gracefully without any sense of over-correction.

    Every person I've driven who is familiar with the WRX heritage has been surprised by the ride comfort. I've also received comments on the handling and how level the car remained when pitched into corners. If I had to make one serious gripe, the infamous torque dip at 4,000 RPM forces me to short shift out of first and second most of the time, though it does disappear mostly by third. As of my latest fuel up, calculated at the pump I've averaged 31 MPG lifetime, with moderately spirited driving.

    I will be putting Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires on it for the coming winter season, and will follow up at that time the performance and comfort effects of that change.

  7. CR.. Trying to shade their old lady reviews and "get a reliable car" roots to look hip and cool for once. It isn't working. Back to the smoking tire channel..

  8. Agreed, smaller sports cars feel faster and in the pragmatic sense that's more fun without breaking the law. This new Miata looks fantastic, but I'd rather still have a good used S2K….

  9. They should make the 2.5 from the mazda 3 s touring and mazda 6 a up level engine for the cx3 that would be a amazing pairing good bye jeep renegade 2.4 tiger shark

  10. Consumer reports sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody has their opinions! I disagree most of the time with their assessments 99% of the time!

  11. could these guys be any less boring?

  12. My 2016 miata is my daily driver, love it fun to drive. Never have an issue hitting the control knob when shifting or hitting the cup holder.

  13. who's gonna guy this……Me…. someone who has a boring accord paid off and wants a fun commuter!

  14. Purchased one and it is my daily driver. Love the looks from people who here it before I turn the corner or approaching. Mine is the Crystal White Pearl in the GT trim and when the sunlight hit it, amazing! I'm 6' tall a little north of 200lb and I fit very comfortable in it. I live in Florida and drove it to Pennsylvania without leg or back fatigue. I'm a fan for the rest of my life!

  15. mazda 3 with 185 horsepower has 40 mpg highway. the cx3 with 145 horsepower has 32 highway and less interior space. Dafuq.

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