Home Car Review Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #76: Tesla Model S P85D: Final Test Results | Consumer Reports

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #76: Tesla Model S P85D: Final Test Results | Consumer Reports


It’s official: the Tesla Model S P85D “broke” Consumer Reports’ ratings scale. We explain why the P85D earned this distinction, and how we ultimately scored it a 100. As we discuss though, that doesn’t mean the P85D is the perfect car. For starters, there’s the matter of its $127,820 price tag. Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for additional reviews, tips, and recommendations. Subscribe to our Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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  1. If you're somewhat cost conscious, get the 70D. It has very good performance, slightly lower range (but the maximum mpg-e of all Teslas) and its the cheapest D model.

  2. You wouldn't buy one of these if you drive more than 200 miles a day? So you'd happily pay hundreds of pounds/dollars/whatever to buy petrol/gas , oil, spark plugs and all the other dirty gubins that make up an ICE vehicle, on a more or less regular basis? Can you say "no brainer"?! Give me the P85D any day of the week!! I'll be laughing at all those people standing next to their cars while they pump fuel in while I cruise on by without making a sound (more or less). 😀 When you look at the way you "refuel" an EV and then you compare it to the way you refuel an ICE, it just makes soo much more sense. Do you stay up all night watching your mobile phone, tablet and laptop while they're on charge? Hell no, you'd look a bit silly doing so!! So why do people think it's "normal" to do it with cars?! Because that's the way it's always been done?! When was the last time you had to light a lantern to see in the dark while at home? Or did you happen to miss the fact that you now have electric lights in your home? It's like human evolution. We used to use rocks attached to wooden poles (spears) to hunt and now we use rifles. We once cooked everything over open fires. Now we use gas or electric stoves. When will people wake up to the unescapeable fact that electric vehicles ARE the next logical step in automotive technology?!

  3. I thought this was supposed to be "Consumer" Reports. All they talk about is acceleration – not a mention of safety or practicality or maintenance. I don't believe your "100%" score. These guys are just gushing about the novelty..

  4. great car. a game changer like the tucker years ago. but you guys talked about nothing for 20 minutes. check out Cnet on cars for a good review .

  5. +Consumer Reports — I know of no one that wouldn't install 'a gas station in their garage' for the equivalent of $40.00 in parts and $250.00 in labor to achieve an observed 87 MPG at 3¢ per mile, allowing them to magically wake up with 'a full tank' every day. And it turns out that many garages already have a 14-50 utility outlet installed anyhow.

    As to the commonality aspect… The only reason why other cars in the class may seem to be 'rare' in comparison, is that the Model S has been outselling them for the past 2-1/2 to 3 years. I don't care about 'exclusivity'. If I like something, I want to share it with the world, I don't have to keep it to myself. And that doesn't change the fact that before the Model S arrived, thousands upon thousands of Acura, AUDI, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche sedans roamed the world already. Despite their marketing, they are all quite ubiquitous in Los Angeles.

    And the notion that taking a road trip '…might be inconvenient if…' is patently unfair. Did you actually take a road trip that was inconvenient? Or, are you simply imagining how a road trip 'might go wrong'? The imagining is certainly better than the manufactured attempt at running dry that correspondents for a couple of publications made, each by driving over 100 MPH and then ignoring opportunities to charge. That doesn't excuse the fact that it appears your testing was strictly on the track, but you want to make it seem as if the Model S should lose points for road trip inconvenience — even if that isn't a parameter of your actual testing.

    "The idea of never going to the gas station…" — Adam Carolla

  6. I think the Tesla is a fantastic car.
    With that said, I'd like to make a comment on your newly redesigned website since there isn't any other place to do this. In a word, AWFUL. CR has complained for a few years now how unintuitive Honda's touch screen interface is. Your new web page makes their interface seem like child's play by comparison. Trying to find the new car ratings took me the better part of an hour to find, when before, it was right there. I finally found it, I clicked on a road test video. What did I see you ask? A bunch of thumbnail photos, not a single video. But I did notice four or five DONATE buttons on the homepage for a paid subscription. If CR is going to go through the time, effort and especially the expense of redesigning a website that was previously a model of efficiency just to "modernize", save you money. Nothing is more frustrating than to open up one of my favorite sites only to find it completely different, more difficult to navigate and NO tutorial to help out your subscribers. Who designed this? More importantly, who approved it? Its enough to make me want to abandon it.

  7. Thanks for the score, doofuses, but you are completely overwhelmed by the implications of this car. (Except the dude on the right, you might be okay)

  8. That Model 3 better cost not anything more than ~$50k and keep at least 80% of the goodness of this car. Tesla has shot very high with this Model S, so it would be a greater moonshot to make one equally as good but one that normal people (e.g. not the 1%) can afford.

  9. Ok so you don't go more then 250ml in a charge but also you don't have to fill it up with gas man, this guy on the left is killing me hahahaha

  10. Gas station at the house?

    OK, So I put a 220V Level 2 Charger at my house for about $800 (including the electrician), and run my Model S off of the solar panels on my roof.

    I get to miss out on touching fuel nozzles with my bare hands that have been touched by thousands of other people. I get to miss out on providing cash flow to companies that show contempt in taking responsibility for the care of the planet. I get to miss out on being part of the chain that leads to foreign wars.

    I get to miss out on buying lotto tickets, cigarettes, beef jerky and cheap beer.

    So, if you haven't figured it out, I think that gas stations suck. I'm super happy to leave my house every morning with a fully charged battery.

  11. +Consumer Reports — Wouldn't it be fun if Consumer Reports decides to spend a long day running their Model S P85D around their track facility at 20 MPH to see what range they can manage?

  12. The new P90DL may only be 0.3 seconds faster 0-60, but the biggest difference you feel is the acceleration while rolling around 30 MPH and up. The 0-30 time is identical, it has a new hardware fuse that allows the motor to receive more power without melting the exiting fuse. I've driven both extensively and for the $5000 upgrade for existing P85D owners, it's absolutely worth the upgrade. Also, how on earth do you compare installing a 220v outlet at home to installing a gas station?….I almost smacked my computer screen when I heard that stupid analogy come out of his mouth.

  13. at 9:25 ish the guy on the far right says that going from 20-40 MPG matters, but 80-100 MPG doesn't matter. I'm sorry, but that is complete BS. You're still saving 20 MPG extra for every bit of driving you do, and that adds up. 20 MPG is still IS a big deal.

  14. Christian von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenigsegg which is an ultra high end luxury car company, bought a model S. This man who has spent his life building, testing, and perfecting cars that cost as much as half a million dollars came right out and said that a model S is absolutely hands down the best car money can buy, and he drives his every day. Musk has had an obsession with electric cars for decades and his absolute dedication to his craft and the engineering mastery of his company shines through in his cars. I will have my model 3 at least… but if you're a rich person please do yourself a favor, for the environment, for your narcissism, for whatever reason you want… get yourself to the nearest Tesla store and GETYOSELFONE

  15. Regarding the hydrogen cars argument:

    Elon Musk has said about hydrogen cars:

    "Hydrogen is an energy storage mechanism. It is not a source of energy. So you have to get that hydrogen from somewhere. if you get that hydrogen from water, so you’re splitting H20, electrolysis is extremely inefficient as an energy process…. if you say took a solar panel and use the energy from that to just charge a battery pack directly, compared to try to split water, take the hydrogen, dump the oxygen, compress the hydrogen to an extremely high pressure (or liquefy it) and then put it in a car and run a fuel-cell, it is about half the efficiency, it’s terrible. Why would you do that? It makes no sense."

    Tony Seba wrote in an article:

    – Hydrogen is not an energy source.

    – Electric Vehicles are at least three times more energy efficient than Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

    – You need to build a multi-trillion dollar hydrogen delivery infrastructure.

    – Hydrogen is Not Clean. (About 95% of hydrogen in the US is made from natural gas in large central plants, according to the Department of Energy. It’s a method called natural gas reforming.)

    "At best, a hydrogen economy would still be a massively wasteful economy that would at best use three to six times more energy than an electric vehicle and solar/wind infrastructure and many times more water than even gasoline uses. There are many good reasons why hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are stuck in reverse while electric vehicles are on hyper-drive."

    tonyseba dot com/toyota-vs-tesla-can-hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicles-compete-with-electric-vehicles/

  16. I know I'm gonna get crap for this but if I had this car and needed to go on an extended road trip where I know that I wouldn't make it between two superchargers for some reason, I'd get a car trailer and haul my truck or some other vehicle capable of towing the tesla on the car trailer when it runs out of charge. That way I have no range anxiety and can still save ALOT of money on a road trip without having to stick to the superchargers or dealing with slower charging stations.

  17. Instead of asking "what will you buy if you have $120K", ask "will you buy it if the price is $40K". Because to most people, $120K is a huge sum, and the "burning a hole in your pocket" part just doesn't register.

  18. With all the talk about how the higher MPGe of the P85D doesn't matter much, I thought it was important to say that it REALLY does. If a gas powered car went 70mpg to 93MPG it wouldn't mattter much, in the P85D, going down to 70 MPGe would take the range down to 190 miles. A HUGE hit. The only way for Tesla to counter that low battery range would be to add a much bigger battery, which would cost them around $5,000 more per car (taking around 20-25% of their profit margin), making the car weigh around 450 lbs more (200 kilos), and because of the bigger battery either forcing them to give the passenger less leg room or raising the car which would lower the range even more. Now I hope everyone sees why the MPGe really does matter, a lot.

  19. (Please Read)

    I have a question "Consumer Reports" or maybe seeking advice whoever reads this as well… I'm currently twenty – one years old and my gross yearly income is 78,000 after tax or so. So I make about eight to nine thousand or so a month, and I still live with my parents and only pay roughly nine hundred dollars a month for my current car (2012 Hyundai Sonata) , my family's Sprint Bill, Credit Cards, and insurance on the Vehicle. So my question is based off my credit score and a 10,000 down payment. Do you think I should truly commit to getting a Tesla Model S 85D 2014 for 73,000. My monthly payment would be roughly around 1,129.00 (72 month's finance) or so. My insurance would go up to 380.00 and my new monthly bill would rise to eighteen – hundred dollars or so. Which would be leaving me fifty six – hundred dollars left of my monthly gross.

    If you could just give me some advice? My friends say go for it, my Mom believes I should wait. I just think it might be beneficial to take advantage of the opportunity I am given since i don't have to pay to much in bill's at the moment. Plus I'm still in College but yea, also I think I can pay it off very quickly if I really want to get rid of my monthly payments.

    What do you think?

  20. I think the gang is not used to the change in refueling mindset with this kinda car yet. It's like giving a fork to someone that always used chopsticks.

    Technically this car has infinite fuel if you're not driving past its rated (~200-250 mile) range:

    You have it charging every few days in the garage while you're in bed. That's it.

    You don't keep an eye on the gauge as a refueling routine anymore, there's no "I gotta stop by the gas station today after work" no… you just drive around for a few days and then get home and charge it like a cellphone, wake up the next day and it's ready for another round.

    Yes it may not be practical to build your very own "personal gas station" in the garage, but a simple power outlet is cake. There's no point in making such a comparison, the constraints have changed. I doubt anyone keeps their car in a barn and feeds it hay.

  21. I live in Sydney Australia , I love these cars , but for me to get one , I can only dream about it , it's the best car ever made , and the great step in E cars .
    and in Sydney Australia we are so far behind here it's not funny most people here don't even know Tesla , when I tell them about it , they just laugh at me ,
    Tesla if I win lotto I promise you I will buy one , it's first on my shopping list.
    Great work buy Tesla

  22. They should change their name to "Elitist Report". This video spends about have of it's time talking about a sling shot of a car that goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Fine but how often do you do this – like never! They give the car a 100 but say the interior is average, it has reliability issues, range anxiety issues. At the end 2 out of the 3 guys say they would not buy one. The only guy that said he would buy this car says at 19:40 "The people who would buy this have another car. This isn't your primary car because it is not a very good primary car". So you give a 100 score to a $128k car but you should buy another car too?????

    I wish as Consumer Report in their 25:25 min video, they went more into stuff like the cost of the replacement batteries. These batteries do not last forever and should be considered in the MPG equivalent. They should've also mentioned that even at a supercharge station to fully recharge a 85kWh battery it takes a hour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Model_S

  23. You guys don't mention the lack of gasoline particulates I live next to a busy road and after a couple of weeks I need to clean my windows because their black wit gasoline and diesel particles the same particles than get in your lungs. Get stuck in a traffic jam for 10min and you'll be smoking two packs of cigarettes before you know it. I agree with you it's expensive charging takes time and it's not perfect in all departments. But shouldn't we encourage people that can afford it to buy it?? Wouldn't it be better for us all in the long run. Sending a message to car makers we want clean and fast alternative energy transport 😉 please mention this as a closing arguments the next time you talk about electric cars. Who am I ? Just someone that dreams of owning a top model tesla living in Europe. God willing Il get there soon working hard staying positive anything is possible

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