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Tata Hexa | Test Drive | 2017, India Edition | Car Reviews, Malayalam | Manorama Online


Tata Hexa 2017 Test Drive Review: Tata Hexa is launched with some top-class features and specifications which will satisfy its lovers. Hexa 2017 prices start at 11.99 lakh (ex-show room, New Delhi). Here is a test drive review of Hexa SUV.

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  1. Took a test drive and was amazed at the performance. Booked the auto top variant and eagerly waiting now. Tata has come up with a top class SUV and a better vehicle than the innova crysta which is heavily overpriced. But could have included the sun roof , push button and smart key.

  2. തേങ്ങാ എത്ര അരച്ചാലും താൾ അല്ലേ കറി എന്നത് പോലെ, ടാറ്റ അല്ലേ.

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