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Ten Basics to Google Search Optimization on Google Local & Google Places: #5 – Reviews Matter


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Who owns the top spot for Google Places Expert? Or check out Google Local Expert? Do the search yourself. Don’t be fooled by SEO Geeks. And don’t fall for the Google-Places-Only approach. Consider an all of the above strategy. You want to be found on the Google WEB search, whether that is by your website, Google Places, a YouTube video like this one, a blog post, or a PR piece.
In these 10 videos I will lay out a strategy that has worked over and over for my clients. They didn’t lose ranking when Google Maps spawned Google Places. They didn’t have a problem when Google Places merged with Google+ Local Business. My clients were not effected by Panda, Venice or Penguin.
I give it all away in these videos and on my two blogs. I would love to have you as a client, but I can only handle so many. Therefore I love giving away what I’ve learned in 40 years of running businesses and helping others run theirs. Check out my business books on Amazon.com. Warner Business Books is one of my publishers. My writings appear in bicycle industry and restaurant industry magazines. I’ve been giving it away for 35 years.
If what I say makes sense and you’d like my company to help you execute the ideas in this series of videos and others I have produced and will produce in the future, give me a call at 310-910-1848. I answer the phone and I’ll be happy to discuss your issues to see if I can be of help.

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