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Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Tesla Model S emphatically proves that electric cars can be exciting to drive. I try the top spec P100D model – complete with Ludicrous Mode – a car which in terms of both price and performance competes against the Porsche Panamera Turbo. So is it worth switching on to electric power, or is this Tesla a turn-off? Find out what I think in my detailed review.

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  1. Sold my ModelS EV. If you ever buy an EV read the facts about the crap going on with it. If you still buy it, be very careful how you drive it. Any damage to it due an accident will make your hair grey fairly quick. EV is a long way from delivering reliability.

  2. I was speaking to an interesting young man outside of a local tesco. The man works for tesla and was driving a P100d and he says it ruined cars for him.. he doesn't need super cars, M5's Amgs ect ect because of the acceleration of these

  3. A bit more detail on the quality of the suspension would be helpful. HOw does it compare to BMW 7 series and the Mercedes S550?

  4. 200 miles of range on a 100kWh battery pack means you're gonna be driving like a maniac. A more realistic range is the one rated by the EPA which is 315mi for the P100D and 335mi for the 100D. Though you wouldn't want to charge the battery past 80% very often in order to avoid degradation, and also don't let it drop to 0% as well. Keeping it between 10% and 80% will give you those 200-250 miles of range and optimal battery health.

  5. floor it with kids in the boot….the underfloor storage will have a nice puke-quarium

  6. The problem with tesla's in England is, as he said, there are only 34 Tesla charge stations in England and the brand isn't popularised that much. no showrooms or whatever to promote it. Personally, I've never seen a Tesla on the road. Great car, just needs a bit more attention.

  7. It's nice to see a car review of a Tesla that isn't prejudiced against it for being an electric vehicle. It's refreshing for people to judge Tesla's on their performance as a vehicle than just slander it for being electric

  8. this car doesn't look sport, it doesn't sound sport and it doesn't feel sport . they need to work on the design aspects more and even putting some roaring sound to it so other drivers on the road can notice the bullet that is about to pass.

  9. God, what a gorgeous car.
    A point that a lot of people forget is that Tesla is slashing battery costs left and right – that should start giving them some room to up the quality and amount of features in the near future without raising the price.

  10. Ok. The part where it'll remember where you raised the car and it'll do that automatically for you, yeah. That's really cool. I'm starting to feel like I'm REALLY warming up to Tesla. Enough to say it might be my next car. Probably the Model 3 though.

  11. Who gives a fuck if the screen is a bit laggy??? This isn't the new Iphone or whatever it's a fucking car?? You've got instant acceleration and you're complaining about a laggy infotainment screen? how about just take it away?? You'd still complain it hasn't got one ffs guys

  12. As a massive petrolhead I've been dubious about the future of cars and EVs in particular. I have to say if this is how cars are gonna be in the future then bring it on. Id take one of these over an m5 or rs6 right now. It's scary to think how much power they'll have in 10 years or so. Well done Tesla.

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