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THE Art OF WAR BY Sunlight TZU | ANIMATED Ebook Evaluation


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  1. 0:25 studied by the world's greates air force.
    I didn't know that the "Deutsche Luftwaffe" uses this book. Ever heard of Erich Hartmann? US Military is the most dishonourable military in the world

  2. I think the book is really about how a christian should be in the world.
    The world, they are your enemy. Because if you are a christian, you are
    probably already doing this stuff, intuitively.

  3. what about the line that goes something like : the height of preparedness is to be formless, because without form you cannot be attacked and when you need to attack you can adopt whatever form is required. i'm paraphrasing it's been a long time since i read the book.

  4. >preparing 3 weeks for a job interview

    LOL are you kidding? Be yourself, be respectful, don't be shy and stand up to the CEO. This whole "warfare" thing is just plain crazy!

  5. lots of potential here, i think you have a formula that works, the only critique i have is your speech. keep in mind, i think you have a good voice for this, but if you learned to enunciate things better or even took a speech class to do so, alot of those people who click off after 5-20 seconds in you analytics would disappear.

  6. I am sorry but this video is so full of shit. Number one for instance isn't at all the clue to getting a job. It merely helps. Quite a lot yes… but it will never assure you the job. Secondly you say a phone call is easyier then suing people. I usually do agree with you. But what if the problem won't be solved talking and finding compromise. I am trying to get my money from a deposit back that was for an apartment I rented. But the proprieter wants to keep that money and wants me even to pay more… just because he is greedy. Now: as you are so clever and Sun Tzu can be used in everyday life situation… I do invite you to please tell me how to solve that problem. I bet a penny that you can't convinve him of the opoosite.

  7. 出其所不趨,趨其所不意;行千里而不勞者,行於無人之地也;攻而必取者,攻其所不守也;守而必固者,守其所不攻也。故善攻者,敵不知其所守;善守者,敵不知其所攻。微乎微乎!至於無形;神乎神乎!至於無聲,故能爲敵之司命。進而不可禦者,沖其虛也;退而不可追者,速而不可及也。故我欲戰,敵雖高壘深溝,不得不與我戰者,攻其所必救也;我不欲戰,雖劃地而守之,敵不得與我戰者,乖其所之也。

  8. the worlds greatest airforce ….
    here we go again some schmuck american thinking they rule the fucking planet…. could somebody please burry those selfriches pricks??

  9. Wow… from a collection of knowledge on how to overcome things you just converted into something that makes you a tool. Fucking hilarious how sloppy some people lay this out. Sun Tzu would turn in his grave.

  10. By Sun Tzu's standards, the U.S. is the best at war. The CIA and the Pentagon no doubt study closely the military capabilities of every country, meanwhile a lot of U.S. military technology is kept secret, so while the U.S. can know the capabilities of other countries, other countries can never truly know the capabilities of the U.S. (implementation of big idea one). The U.S. takes out ISIS and other terrorists almost solely by air power, because they know air defense is the number one weakness of every ragtag army which is just a bunch of fanatics with guns (implementation of big idea two). And the U.S. places economic sanctions on trouble countries to subdue them before ever having the thought of war enter their mind, such as Iran which was forced to come to an international negotiation table, and Russia, which is less eager to negotiate but is no doubt stalled under the weight of sanctions (implementation of big idea three). Probably the worst at war by Sun Tzu's standards is ISIS. ISIS willingly taunted and invited the whole world to attack them, which needlessly complicated the simple and more practicable objective they had of overthrowing Assad in Syria, and any rational person knows they stand no chance against NATO, so already they carelessly throw the first two big ideas out the window. As for the third big idea, a big part of ISIS's ideology is "victory or istishhad (martyrdom)", so the first thought for ISIS as an organization is to expend its soldiers and rush into a war zone with guns blazing to establish sharia. With this end goal of establishing sharia in mind, compare them to an organization like the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a political organization that also tries to establish sharia law, but through legal and other more legitimate means. They actively use deception, violence, and intimidation to gain power and influence governments. It is not a paramilitary like ISIS, but by Sun Tzu's standards, even the Muslim Brotherhood succeeds at war better than ISIS, their war just isn't as obvious.

  11. I've read 'The Art of War' but your ability to summarise a book and help people get the main points and apply is a gift! Thank you for your videos!

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