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The Best Console Killer PC Case? – Fractal Design Node 202 Review


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  1. Good job on the review! Still not a console killer though, consoles are much more quiet 😁

  2. You uploaded this one day too early. The Corsair SF450 and SF600 PSUs are now available through Amazon.

  3. There's also the Silverstone RVZ02B(-W) as a competitor, I was doubting between the Node and the RVZ02 but went with the RVZ02, I think the cooling design is better, the GPU bracket actually clamps the card rather than giving it something to lean on and most of all, it has toolless SSD brackets. I do see some points where the Node shines though, like I like the dust filters on it more and the option for additional fans. (By the way, wouldn't 120x120x12 fans fit perfectly there?) Awesomesauce Network also managed to get watercooling into the Node, something that is simply just not possible with the RVZ02.

  4. Nice review. I just did a build with this case using an i7-6700 (no-k) and a GTX 750 with no 120mm or any case fans. Even after several hours of CFD simulations and the occasional game the temps never got above 60degC.

  5. The system is a console killer on some specs but not on the price since the i3 isn't that bad you would mainly need an i5 to kill the consoles and the only other side effect which most people would still end up getting a console is because this system would mainly be almost double the price.

    Just did a part build and the system with a i5 6500,120SSD for the OS, 1TB SSHD for the games and Windows 10 because you can never forget the OS for the system and always better to go legit would be $$849.18 while for systems such as the PS4 mainly sells for $300 – $400 and the PS 4K which is being talked about will most likely be the same price to 100$ more so people can have their 4K gaming experience and also the GTX 960 mainly does at most stable 1440p.

  6. In every review there is complain about the logo being vertical. I dont think it looks bad.

  7. Hey, this is the first video I saw of yours, and honestly I'm really impressed! Your B-roll was on point, and I have absolutely no clue how a smaller youtuber as yourself convinced Fractal to give you a product for review! This video was fantastic, but the one thing you need more of is enthusiasm. Other than that, you are doing awesome. Keep up the good work!

  8. This is a good size comparison with both of the current gen consoles compared to this case. I could find none until I stumbled upon this video.

  9. Finally someone with the good sense to do side by side by side comparison with PS4 and XBONE.  Super props as well for providing the dimensions (you only missed the volume)! 99% of mini-itx reviews in youtube don't even mention dimensions, must more show side comparison with other objects.

    Please do one for RVZ02 as well! Awesome awesome

  10. The Corsair SF600 would be a better power supply than the Silverstone power supply, because it has a larger fan, and the semi-fanless mode works better.

  11. I don't see why you would need the 600w psu for a gtx 970, I have a full tower and I'm buying this case because it's to big move around and I used a psu calculator online and it said my i7 4770 non k with oc'd gtx 970 will use 350w and recommends 425 which is still less than 450. I plan on also replacing the 970 with a 1070

  12. Could you mount a slim fan above the CPU? None of the SFF itx cases I've seen have a case fan for the mobo/CPU area.

  13. So this computer can have a full gpu and almost any cpu? So it's basically as good as any other gaming PC? Why would anyone want a gigantic massive computer case with 1000 lights in, when they can have all the same specs in a small box?

  14. Loved your review. Very enjoyable to listen to you. You've got a great voice. Subbed and will keep looking for new videos.

  15. I'm planning the exact same build as you pretty much, does it get noisy when playing intensive games?

  16. I would recommend the Scythe Big Shuriken 2 (rev.B) CPU cooler for this case. It fits perfectly, even without removing the top dust filter. I'm using an i7 7700K with G.Skill Ripjaws 4 RAM (40mm tall) and there was no RAM clearance issues either. While stress testing the CPU under full load, temps never got hotter than 65c and idles in the 30's. I was previously using the Noctua NH-L9i and temps would spike to the 90's under load. I should have bought the Big Shuriken cooler first.

  17. You can use two 15 mm fans and then use the support bracket on its side if you have a 2 slot gpu and it wouldn't be too difficult to mod an eraser to fit in other builds.

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