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The Best Hoverboard for Any Budget – Gadget Review


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  1. You forgot the jetson rouge it is water and fire ressistant. It can go up to 20 miles per hour. It holds 289 pounds. Its has extra pads for sitting your foot. The wheels have galaxy lights on the sides of them. The jetson rouge hoverboard also has headlights. Still cant figure out how to work Bluetooth

  2. i got a hoverboard for 120 that went 10mph i guess i found a better deal for a good price.

  3. Minilite during Christmas $250
    Minipro now $415 shipped
    Miniplus $700
    Offroad decked out pro $800
    Everything else need work your welcome.

  4. why don't you make a best hoverboard to attach a chair for disabled people and tow a foldable cart? that would bring the attention to the possibilities of those power wheels to help, no only entertain!

  5. 3:48 about the razor hovertrax: you get 2 miles not 15. Have one myself and battery drains quick. I do recommend it because of the smooth ride

  6. 4 mile range on the one wheel?? Even a year ago this seems off. The xr is around 10miles the pint is around 6 miles

  7. Considering the video states for any budget, there’s not nearly enough comparison of cost on each device listed and your facts are wrong on a few things.

  8. I Bought A Hoverboard Segway 6.5 For 62 Pounds That Goes 12Km/h And It Is In New Condition

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